Now that you’ve improved your flexibility, it’s time to build some muscle with this compound movement that features lunges and biceps curls.

Lunges are best known for shaping your buttocks, strengthening your lower body, increasing your core strength, and building your leg muscles.

Meanwhile, the added biceps curl makes this a great full-body move.

Duration: 3 sets, 20 reps of 10 per side. If this is too intense, start off with a number of sets and reps that work best for you.

  1. Stand up straight, shoulders relaxed, chin up, and arms at your side.
  2. With one leg forward, lower your hips until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly on top of your ankle and the other stays off the floor.
  3. Keep your body weight on your heels.
  4. With your elbows at your side, palms facing forward, raise your forearms and touch your weights to your shoulders.
  5. Lower your arms back down to your side.
  6. Push off from your front foot and return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat on the other side.

Tomorrow: Get your core on the floor.

Kelly Aiglon is a lifestyle journalist and brand strategist with a special focus on health, beauty, and wellness. When she’s not crafting a story, she can usually be found at the dance studio teaching Les Mills BODYJAM or SH’BAM. She and her family live outside of Chicago and you can find her on Instagram.