Every couple has those special activities they do together, whether it’s binge-watching “Westworld,” or cooking up Instagram-worthy dinners designed to get hundreds of likes. But the couples listed below have taken #relationshipgoals to another level.

Supporting each other both physically and mentally, these all-star couples share their love of life with photos that are too inspiring to resist. From outreached yoga poses, to nomadic travels, here are nine inspiring couples worth adding to your Instagram “must follow” list.

1. Epicacro (Cheetah and Rhiann Platt)

If you loved watching Patrick Swayze lift Jennifer Grey into the air in the iconic movie Dirty Dancing (who didn’t?), then this AcroYoga couple is a must. Their account is a gallery of extraordinary lifts and jaw-dropping, back-bending poses. But even more inspiring, they are on a romantic journey around the world, getting married in each new place they visit. The count is 58 weddings to date! To follow their adventures, check out their second Instagram account.

2. Weareeaton (Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton)

When it comes to healthy living rock stars, these two Olympic track and field athletes top our list. Their joint account features the couple’s journey on and off the track from mid-jump still shots to river rides along the Amazon. And to inspire you even more, they post healthy food pics and recipes on their blog. They might be retired professional athletes, but their adventures are far from over.

3. Yogabeyond (Honza and Claudine Lafond)

Crisp, blue sky backdrops with straight-lined poses is just one reason to follow this aesthetically pleasing Instagram account. Together this couple built their own brand, YogaBeyond, and they share photos of their yoga practice. But they aren’t the only ones practicing graceful poses. In some posts, you can see them holding their baby too, making their account a healthy family affair.

4. Dreamteam.fitness (Amanda Wallander and Jesper Lekland)

This Swedish couple is Instagram proof of #traintogetherstaytogether. You’ll find them posting photos of lifting workouts and supporting each other in their fitness-loving activities. And their account is full of anything but teeth-clenching gym pictures. Instead you see photos of the two locking eyes and laughing together — all while doing some serious heavy lifting and squats.

5. Maxandlizacro (Max Lowenstein and Liz Kong)

Both yoga instructors, this Dallas couple shares their practice of AcroYoga via colorful photos. Whether their background is a painted brick wall, a mandala tapestry, or a city backdrop, their posts always bring splashes of color to their Instagram account. And if twisting in poses together wasn’t enough for this couple to be in sync, they sometimes wear matching tights during poses. Think watermelons, pineapples, cacti, and more.

6. Jasonandchelsey (Jason and Chelsey Magness)

Members of the United States Adventure Race team and Team YogaSlackers, as well as creators of their own acro training program, this athletic couple brings their wild, outdoorsy love to Instagram. Among the highlights, you can see them kayaking, hiking, and even walking on fences. And if this adventurous duo isn’t enough to lure you in, Chelsey has also taken to Instagram to post endearing photos of herself with the couple’s new addition to the family.

7. 360honeymoon (Candace and Spencer Austin)

This newlywed couple is spending their honeymoon traveling the world. Working their way to South America, their adventure started in South Africa where they met and extended to Europe, the United States, and Central America. Featuring exotic wildlife and expansive landscapes, their Instagram account shows a healthy lifestyle of embracing the new and taking in the world around them.

8. Theyogacouple (Ashley Cottrell and Mathew Micheletti)

Both members of this flexible couple are yoga instructors and they demonstrate the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Ashley opened two yoga studios in Las Vegas, and Mathew is experienced in not only yoga, but other fitness regimens like Pilates, ropes, and boxing. Together the couple travels to various festivals around the country to practice and educate about yoga. Identifying themselves on social media as “The Yoga Couple,” their Instagram account is usually filled with photos of them practicing their poses amid lush, nature-filled backgrounds.

9. Adventurefaktory (Mitch Hyde and Thuymi Do)

Globetrotting with full-time jobs may seem like a fantasy for most of us, but this couple has made it their reality. In 2016, they traveled to 18 countries and are currently exploring Dubai. Blogging and sharing their experience under the name “Adventure Faktory,” their Instagram account is about embracing life. And with photos from across the world, this couple is sharing their travel and experiences. Tune in to see them scaling a mountain, tight-roping across a rocky valley, or just relaxing together poolside.

After following these Instagram accounts, you may want to start your own health-conscious account with your partner. But that doesn’t mean your relationship has to change. A healthy lifestyle isn’t only about natural foods or exercise, but also about finding balance for the things you love – and sharing these experiences with your significant other.

To get started, here are a few tips:

  • Find an activity or hobby that you and your partner share and enjoy.
  • Post daily photos of you, your partner, or both doing this activity. (So make sure you really enjoy it!)
  • Use hashtags. Until you gain a strong following, popular hashtags will help others find you on Instagram.
  • Tag, comment, like, and follow. Don’t just post but be engaged with other accounts that share your interests. Following similar accounts to yours, liking/commenting on others’ photos, and tagging relevant people in your own or other’s posts are ways to build online relationships and gain a strong following.