Reality is, we don’t always have an hour or two to fit in fitness. The good news is, there’s growing evidence that short, intense workouts can have significant impact, whether your goals are weight loss, muscle toning, or just working up a sweat.

When you’re short on time but don’t want to forgo fitness, a great workout video can make all the difference.

Healthline searched for the year’s best workout videos that last 20 minutes or less. From full body to core, flexibility to fat burning, there’s a quick, challenging workout here for everyone.

Chris Heria combines cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in this 10-minute workout that you can do almost anywhere, including at home in your bedroom or living room, to help you not only reduce body fat but also build muscle so that you can achieve a level of “shred” in your overall muscle mass.

MMA trainer Funk Roberts walks you through this intense but accessible 10-minute metabolic fat-burning, muscle-building workout that uses a variety of familiar cardio and strength exercises that get your heart pumping and help you kick-start your metabolism for effective fat burning throughout your day.

Pamela Reif helps you remember to pay attention to your upper body muscles every day with this quick, relatively easy workout that helps build muscle and maintain strength and flexibility without feeling overwhelming or too advanced. This workout is easy but effective enough to become a staple of your day no matter how you feel!

Jeff Cavaliere from AthleanX gives you beginner, intermediate, and advanced pushup exercises to help you work on your upper body, your core, and your overall arm and chest muscle mass.

Cavaliere dives into the science behind effective pushups to help you optimize your form for the best results. Check out AthleanX on Instagram.

This legs and buttocks workout from Viviendo Fit uses music and choreography to get you in the right mood for a fun, engaging lower body workout that can help you slowly but surely get bulk and definition in your legs and glutei in less than 5 minutes at a time. Check out more videos on Instagram.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the biggest things right now, and there’s plenty of evidence that it’s one of the most effective workouts for tight, busy schedules. Biophysicist Natacha Oceane demonstrates a quick, 15-minute workout with timers, music, and no interruptions.

If you’re older (or just not as flexible as you’d like) and at home with few options to exercise outside your home, Joe Wicks provides a quick, easy, and effective 10-minute workout to keep your entire body from head to toe taken care of while also keeping your mind sharp. Check out more of his videos and workouts on Instagram.

Holly Dolke walks you through an easy 5-minute workout for your back and arms that you can squeeze into almost any busy day without needing any equipment or even a lot of space, which can be great if you’re at home or have limited space.

Boho Beautiful Life‘s 5-minute arm workout walks you through an easy daily workout that can help you slowly but surely get rid of extra arm fat and tone your arms. The video also explains how to do each exercise properly and why they’re so effective. Check out more on Instagram.

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