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Yoga is more than just poses and a form of exercise — it’s a full lifestyle that can help transform your outlook on life. So it’s no wonder it’s growing in popularity. According to a 2016 study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, over 36 million U.S. adults reported practicing yoga. That’s 20.4 million more than 2012!

And it’s no wonder. In addition to being relaxing, yoga may help relieve chronic lower back pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase physical strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga may also help promote body awareness and mindful eating.

It can take some time to find what type of yoga resonates with you and your goals. But whether you’ve never stepped foot on a mat before, or want to take your home practice to a new level, these yoga videos are here to help you get started.

Yoga for Weight Loss — Healthy Energy Flow

Yoga isn’t just for stretching and de-stressing. The full-body workout can also help tone, tighten, and get your energy flowing. Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, Adriene offers great advice for working with your breath. This flow is accessible to beginners, and Adriene’s warm approach will make you feel like you’re practicing in a friend’s house — where a dog named Benji makes an appearance.

Yoga and Meditation for a Peaceful Heart

Meditation and yoga can make a big impact on staying cool and collected as you navigate bumps in the road. With a tropical backdrop, Kino MacGregor of Om Stars crafts a calming sequence that lasts just under 30 minutes. If you’re curious how to integrate meditation and yoga into a streamlined practice, this video is for you.

Beginners Morning Routine — Session 14

Want to get back into yoga but forgot how to start? Check out this morning routine from DoYouYoga.com’s starter kit. Kristin McGee leads you in a beginner routine that gently stretches your body. Following along with Kristin should be a piece of cake if you’re new to the mat. You’ll practice foundational poses like Downward Facing Dog, Cat-Cow, and (baby) Cobra.

Yoga for Bloating, Digestion, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD & IBS

The beautiful aspect of yoga is that the poses engage nearly every part of the human body, which makes it easy to customize sequences that’ll target your interest areas. In this 12-minute session, Sarah Beth leads viewers through a series of poses designed to gently massage the digestive system and help reduce pain and bloating. People with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like ulcerative colitis will truly appreciate this routine.

30 Min Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

Designed to improve strength and flexibility, this 30-minute routine packs a serious punch in working your muscles. The Warrior poses may be easier on new muscles but other poses like Crow may take a little muscle and patience. A breathing warm up and cool down make this workout worth the effort. Tip: Candace’s video doesn’t include a warm up, which is highly recommended before starting this exercise.

Seane Corn Detox Flow Yoga

Seane Corn is the yogi behind this video presented by Gaiam. This beginner-friendly video is intended to help rid your body of stress and other toxins. One thing is for sure though, your body will feel energized and your mind uncluttered by the end of this session. The natural setting and emphasis on connecting with the earth may also leave you feeling a little more grounded as well.

45 Minute Energizing Yoga Class, with Esther Ekhart

If you like the one-on-one style of having a personal trainer, then check out this yoga class with Esther Ekhart. Not only does Esther talk you through poses, but she even throws in some aerobic-esque moves. Designed to pump you up, you’ll also get a few reps of leg lifts and crunches into your routine. Leave this class with the high of a great workout.

Rudy Mettia, Yoga Warrior 365: Versatile Warrior

Want the feel of a studio class while working out at home? This hour-long class with Rudy Mettia follows a studio of students through the sequence. A perk of this studio-style class is that you can see what the poses look like on multiple people, not just a yoga expert. Mettia articulates and explains poses, adjusting student’s stances as he goes along, so you can check your posture too.

Back Care Yoga with Rodney Yee

If you’re looking to get the strength and flexibility of a yogi expert, this Rodney Yee video is the perfect place to start. Yee’s routine is designed to help target flexibility and build strengthen in the back through poses like Cobra, Downward-Facing Dog, and Side-Angle. This beginner level sequence is an especially great place to start for people with tight back cramps.

Let It Go Yoga: Free 30-Minute Full Workout

At beginner or expert level, yoga is a great way to relieve tension. But if certain poses seem intimidating, then a gentler routine is probably a lot less stressful to try. Tara Stiles leads this workout from Cosmo Body, offering you a strong foundation in beginner-level yoga poses. She also emphasizes embracing the feeling of your body stretching and unwinding. Remember, one key component of yoga is to relax.

Unwind Body and Mind

Get a lesson in yoga straight from Yoga Journal. Elise Lorimer, with the help from her demonstrator Denise, guides you through a relaxing sequence. This video is especially helpful for anyone who needs extra tips for perfecting poses, watching out for misalignments, and keeping an eye on body awareness.

Acrovinyasa Yoga — Partner Yoga Follow Along Sequence

Acroyoga is a form of yoga that blends yoga poses with acrobatic techniques that you can do with a partner. The best part of this video, lead by Inga Maria, is that it teaches you it’s okay to make mistakes. Watch as Maria leads first-timers through an Acrovinyasa flow. If you’re interested in getting your feet off the ground, this video is the perfect place to start.