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Looking for a new workout to really get you sweating? You might consider CrossFit. This popular program combines multiple disciplines and sports to get your heart pumping and your body into strong physical shape. A typical CrossFit class begins with a warmup, followed by skills or strength training. Then you perform your workout of the day (WOD).

Because your WOD is constantly changing, there’s always a new skill to master or goal to beat. Whatever your motivation, CrossFit has many potential benefits. A 2015 clinical trial pointed to improved hormone levels, aerobic capacity, and body composition.

These videos offer something for pros and newbies alike. Veteran CrossFitters may benefit from expert training and recovery advice, while beginners can get a taste of the camaraderie of the CrossFit gym, or “box.” This collection of our favorite videos highlight the fun but challenging aspects of the training program, helping you to get the most out of CrossFit at home or on the go.

CrossFit can deliver an awesome workout, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your body always feels great right after it. MobilityWOD gives you tools to minimize and prevent injury and pain associated with CrossFit. They also want to help you improve your overall workout performance. This video shows you how to recover your back after an open 17.1 challenge. Grab a medicine ball and lacrosse ball, and give it a try to cure your back woes. Remember to follow the trainers’ guidance to make sure you’re doing the movements safely.

This episode of Barbell Shrugged looks at the difference between training and exercising. The hosts discuss how having a plan with goals is key for successful training, but not necessarily for exercising. They highlight how training is great for those who thrive on the challenge of striving for that next level of fitness. Their POV: If you don’t like the stress of failing to meet goals, exercising may be better for you. Watch to hear their viewpoint on why training can be an emotional and physical journey.

Trying to tackle a large number of exercises can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to streamline your workout, check out this episode of the Pat Flynn Show. Pat Flynn argues that the secret to a good strength program is to strip it down to the fundamentals. These include core techniques like push, pull, squat, hinge, and carry. He and his co-hosts show you five kettlebell exercises to build a good strength foundation.

It’s obvious that Nicole Carroll knows her CrossFit workouts. Carroll divulges her fatigue challenges, as well as her tips for stamina and performance. Watch for her insights and inspiration, including the training tips on the lower third of the screen. She encourages you to use this last workout of the CrossFit Games Open 2017 season to review your own progress. Her advice can help you improve in this and similar workouts.

“The Test Friends” present a real-life account of what it’s like to try CrossFit for two months. This BuzzFeed video also serves to highlight the basics of the program. Learn why the three participants started off skeptical-to-hesitant about the challenge. As they chronicle their journey, they discuss elements they find challenging or unpleasant. See how CrossFit brings out a community spirit that pushes them to meet their challenge.

While CrossFit encourages a community environment, it can be totally intimidating. The competition with yourself and your box may be stressful. And each workout varies from the last, so you can never get complacent. Luckily, BuzzFeed shows you how CrossFit can also be fun and effective. They capture what it’s like for one group to try it for the first time. The video serves as a kind of CrossFit 101, explaining the basics and demonstrating a few techniques. If you’ve been nervous to try CrossFit, this video may show you that — while intense — it’s not as scary as it seems.

This BuzzFeed Blue video offers a glimpse into the CrossFit box, Vault. The video offers up some basics of CrossFit as well as the gym’s workout structure. But for both staff and customers, it’s clear that Vault is all about the people. There’s a sense of pride and community that permeates the box. And each class has it’s own unique environment and camaraderie. Vault is also multidisciplinary, offering low-impact activities, which may not be offered at many CrossFit gyms. Despite the harsh commenter opinions, it shows there may just be a CrossFit gym out there for everyone.

Want a quick, effective taste of CrossFit? Reebok ambassador Yumi Lee leads a 10-minute class for FitSugar. Lee explains the benefits of each move she performs. She also offers modifications for an added challenge or less intensity. Since you need very little space, you can do this workout pretty much anywhere. And rather than cutting together the perfect workout video, FitSugar shows it’s OK to be human. The hosts occasionally lose their balance or miss a step. Out of excuses not to try it? Grab a pair of dumbbells and get started.

Trainer Kelsey Lee shows you how to tone up using nothing more than your own body. She highlights key exercise components like form, breath, and technique. Some commenters assert that her exercises aren’t exactly CrossFit, but others say these techniques may help beginners. Her workout is less than 10 minutes long, leaving little excuse not to squeeze it into your day.