Exercise is good for your heart, your waistline, and even your mental health, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that less than half of U.S. adults get the recommended amount of aerobic activity, and just 20 percent do the recommended amounts of strength training exercise.

It can be hard to fit regular exercise into your daily schedule, but with all of the benefits, making time for it should be a priority. According to the CDC, adults should get 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week and strength training on two or more days per week. The former could be as simple as taking a brisk walk every evening after dinner.

Finding the time and motivation to get your activity in is easier when you surround yourself with motivational people, like the Twitter influencers we’ve gathered together here.

Adam Bornstein is the founder of Born Fitness. He’s also a fitness consultant and New York Times bestselling author. He’s dedicated to helping folks live a healthier life, and does this by sharing his insight into all things health and fitness. His Twitter feed is filled with exercise tips and workout recommendations, as well as healthy meal ideas.

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Being a fit girl isn’t just about looking healthy, it’s about living a healthy, fit lifestyle: one that’s complete with regular exercise, healthy eating, and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re treating your body well. This page is dedicated to those “girls,” and you’ll find plenty of motivation here. They share challenges and great tips for being as fit as possible.

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Fitbit is probably best known for its wearable fitness devices, but they’re also a great source for fitness and nutrition advice. Their tweets link to posts filled with training suggestions, tips for healthy and nutritious eating, what to do before and after a workout, meal ideas, and more.

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Fit Bottomed Girls is an increasingly popular fitness blog for women. On Twitter, they share loads of awesome exercise tips, recipes, worthwhile advice, motivational stories, myth debunking, and the latest on cool fitness products.

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There’s nothing like being able to feed yourself healthy and satisfying eats, and with recipes like the ones posted by Kevin, that’s easy to do. They’re all relatively easy to prepare and delicious. They are fuel for tough workouts and designed to support a lifestyle focused on staying active and getting in the best shape of your life.

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Fitness on Toast is a healthy eating and fitness blog run by London-based blogger Faya Nilsson. Her Twitter feed offers a glimpse into her active, travel-filled life, with photos, product recommendations, fitness tips, and healthy eating options straight from her own dining table.

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Staying fit isn’t a goal you abandon once you reach a certain age, and Go4Life is here to help you remember that. Designed specifically for people 50 and over, this campaign is a project of the National Institute on Aging. They offer tips and advice for people in a demographic not often talked about in regular fitness platforms.

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Jason Rosell is a television fitness trainer and weight loss motivator. Rosell experienced his own fitness transformation, losing a significant amount of weight, and has since dedicated his life to helping others do the same. His Twitter account is where he shares his client’s success stories as well as tips and motivational posts to keep you moving toward your goals.

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Jeanette Jenkins, also known as the Hollywood Trainer, is a personal trainer with her own home workout DVD series. She produces workouts that promise to get you in superstar shape, and shares fitness tips, workouts, and informative links on Twitter.

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Twin sisters Jess and Bex are both fitness enthusiasts and trainers. Their approaches are different — one is a doctor and medical writer, while the other is a yoga teacher — and together they’re a great source of sound advice, product reviews, and even some fun travel photos.

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Lenka Istvanova is a basketball player turned ultramarathoner. That means she runs very, very long distances. Her Twitter account is a great place to hear about her latest adventures around the world, complete with impressive photos from her running routes. She also shares her blog posts, where she talks about her training, races, and life in general.

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The popularity of “Men’s Health” doesn’t extend to just the print magazine. Their website and this Twitter feed are also great places to find reliable and fun fitness advice targeted specifically at men. You’ll find easy-to-implement fitness suggestions, workout videos, and more.

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On Twitter, “Muscle & Fitness” share the same engaging and helpful articles you’ll find in their magazine, along with videos and some extremely motivating photos. If you love the gym and have your sights set on being ripped and muscular, there’s little doubt you’ll find something worth your time here.

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MyFitnessPal is a website and app designed to help people gain control of their fitness life. It offers calorie and exercise trackers, as well as informative articles and message boards. On their Twitter page, they share user tips, suggest healthy meal options, and provide education on nutrition and fitness.

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One of the oldest running clubs around, the New York Road Runners’ races bring in more than 300,000 runners every year. Their Twitter profile is a great place to find highlights of those events as well as running motivation and tips. We love the photos they share of their races — full of the smiling faces of runners and the volunteers who support them.

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On Twitter, PopSugar’s fitness-devoted feed shares full exercise programs, quick-hitting fitness tips, and the latest news and trends from the world of staying active. Peppered with tasty recipes, this account is a must-follow for anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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No doubt one of the most popular running magazines around, “Runner’s World” is also an extremely popular website and online community. Their Twitter feed is a constant stream of training tips, nutrition advice, and motivation for runners, new and experienced.

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Despite what you might gather from watching the Olympics, not all runners look like Greek gods. This Twitter account is proof that you don’t have to look a certain way, or weigh a certain amount, to get the benefits and joys of running. The goal here is to motivate other “overweight and inactive” women into a life of running. We love its inclusive spirit and focus on the joy, not merely the fitness effects, of making running part of your life.

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This is a great place to get quick-hitting running advice and information. Whether you run competitively or take the occasional leisurely jog, you’ll find something of value here. We love their mix of reader quotes, myth busting, and exercise tips.

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