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CrossFit is a high-intensity branded fitness program for strength and conditioning, and it’s an effective way to get fit. It’s a combination of cardio, weightlifting, and core training. If you like the camaraderie of group exercises, this might be the right program for achieving your weight loss and fitness goals!

CrossFit can change your life and your body. The longer you keep with it, the sooner you’ll see a transformation. But the journey won’t always be easy. With support and encouragement from the CrossFit community, you can stay motivated and achieve physical greatness.

Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged

This blog is an excellent starting point if you’re looking to read up on CrossFit essentials. The posts highlight individuals who understand the sport, and who can provide the guidance you need to train both hard and effectively. Read a post on how to fix your posture and movement patterns for better results, or check out information on the best supplements for performance.

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Catalyst Athletics

Greg Everett’s blog is another wonderful resource for anything and everything about athletics and fitness. Whether you’re looking for information on weightlifting, nutrition, or equipment, you can find quick tips and strategies to improve your workouts and maximize results. Learn strategies for fighting self-doubt when you’re weightlifting, or read about ways to correct your weightlifting techniques.

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Breaking Muscle

On Breaking Muscle’s blog, you’ll find a wealth of information from the blog’s coaches to keep your workout on track. Getting fit can be an uphill battle, especially if you don’t know where to start. Whether you’re beginning your journey or looking to maintain results, the blog offers information on just about every aspect of fitness. Check out the teenager’s guide to building muscle, or learn about new approaches to losing fat and getting results.

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The Rx Review

This blog’s authors are heavily involved in the CrossFit community, and thus the perfect people to get some expert advice from! The blog offers a comprehensive collection of product reviews and fitness tips, as well as information about CrossFit events. The posts are informative and educational and provide the latest news related to CrossFit.

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Invictus Blog

Invictus is committed to helping its readers find their path to fitness and happiness. If you want to get in shape but need encouragement or don’t know where to start, its team of experts can provide coaching and support to help you achieve your goal. Check out the Workout of the Day to develop a regular routine or learn how squats can improve your position and focus.

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San Francisco CrossFit

San Francisco CrossFit was the first CrossFit gym to open in the golden city back in 2005. Its staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and get into shape. The blog is a helpful resource to find daily CrossFit-specific workouts. You’ll also find information about group classes, private coaching, and endurance.

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Beyond the Whiteboard

If you’re ready to start your CrossFit journey, Beyond the Whiteboard can help you get across the finish line. The organization has assisted thousands of CrossFitters. You’ll receive motivation and inspiration to push yourself to the limit and become fit for life. Read how a jump rope can become your best friend in this journey, or read a personal account about starting a CrossFit business.

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CrossFit: The Journal

The Journal offers an abundance of actionable lifestyle tips for aligning your everyday to your CrossFit goals, as well as offering up a Workout of the Day. You’ll also read about other people’s personal experiences, myth-busting exposés, and helpful tips to correct your technique, reduce injury, and have a positive CrossFit experience.

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