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By now you’ve probably heard about all of the many benefits of exercise: it helps control your weight; it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers; it strengthens your bones; and it improves your mental health and mood. To reap these benefits, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all adults get 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity and two days of muscle-strengthening workouts every week.

That said, getting active isn’t easy. For many people, finding and sticking to a workout routine can be overwhelming. If you’re not used to working out, you might not know where to start or have trouble finding the motivation to keep it up. Even if you’re a seasoned athlete, there’s a mountain of new exercise trends to keep up with, from high-intensity interval training to functional fitness. Fortunately, a number of fitness blogs written both by weekend warriors and pro trainers alike have done the legwork for you.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb says he struggled for years to lead a healthy life. When he finally figured out the formula, he launched his blog and online community to share his insights. His goal was to remove barriers to fitness for like-minded, self-professed nerds with desk jobs who want to change their lives with fitness. Using the latest studies, this approachable blog helps readers in their personal fitness journeys, whether it’s losing weight or simply feeling better in their bodies. Posts include everything from the spiritual (a nerd’s guide to mindfulness meditation) to the practical (improving your hand strength and wrist motility) to the motivational (leveraging your friends to get in shape). Steve’s NF Academy also offers regular community events for motivation and hands-on fitness guidance.

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Workout Mommy

Before having kids, Lisa Gulley — a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and marathon runner — never imagined she’d have a problem fitting in exercise. But once her little ones arrived, the fitness junkie and single mother of four struggled to keep a routine. So, shortly after the birth of her second son in 2007, Lisa launched Workout Mommy to help other moms find the inspiration to work out, challenge themselves, and squeeze fitness into a hectic parenting schedule. On it, she reviews fitness products like this running headlamp, shares summer beach-body workout tips, and discusses the benefits of martial arts. Fellow fitness fanatics are invited for guest posts on everything from their tips to stay fit as a single mom to how to make full-body workouts a part of your regular routine.

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Expert Articles by ACE Blogs

Offering science-backed training and information to U.S. fitness professionals and the general public, the aim of American Council on Exercise (ACE) is to reduce preventable, inactivity-related diseases by 2035. In addition to educational programs and training certifications, the nonprofit group shares in-depth articles by health and fitness experts, from certified professional trainers to college kinesiology professors. Some posts are geared toward fitness pros, like how to find a job as a personal trainer or creating effective treadmill interval workouts. Others feature tips for people looking to get healthy, like when and what to eat when you work out and yoga poses for athletes.

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Life by Daily Burn: Fitness

If you’ve ever dipped into online fitness, you’ve likely heard of Daily Burn, a subscription-based app and website offering exercise programs from Barre Harmony to 31-Day Fitness challenges. But you don’t have join — or even pay — to benefit from the brand’s wide array of fitness tips and tricks. The Daily Burn’s lifestyle blog shares step-by-step workouts with videos, like HIIT using a jumping rope or booty-toning sequences. Posts also offer advice to boost overall health and wellness, like yoga poses to ease lower back pain and stretches to loosen up tight hip flexors.

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Certified personal trainer, author, and FitFluential ambassador Kasey Arena-Brown says that fitness helped her cope with an eating disorder and be true to herself, and she’s made it her job to share all that she’s learned along the way with other women. In 2011, she launched her blog, Powercakes, to help women love their bodies and find inspiration through fitness and food. There, she offers healthy, nutrient-packed recipes, like green egg stacks and cookie dough protein balls. She also shares motivational posts, wellness giveaways, and fitness pro tips.

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Summer Tomato

Former chronic dieter and neuroscience PhD Darya Rose says she learned the hard way that getting healthy isn’t about sacrifice and willpower. She created Summer Tomato to show others how to make losing weight fun and easy by breaking bad habits and learning to incorporate healthier habits into daily life. Her science-backed advice follows a few basic principles — notably, staying active and monitoring your progress. Posts cover everything from motivation to skip indulgences to finding the time and energy to exercise. On Fridays, Darya shares roundups of health news collected around the web from a variety of sources from The New York Times to Serious Eats. An accompanying podcast features profiles of real women’s health journeys, like how one woman beat binge eating and another overcame fibromyalgia with exercise and diet.

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Fitness by Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand dedicated to helping readers live healthier mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental lives. Journalists who write for the blog bring together advice from fitness experts, doctors, chefs, and celebrities. The site incorporates knowledge from both holistic healing and Western medicine. Fitness articles cover everything from new trends in athleisurewear, to what to eat and drink before running a 5K, to a step-by-step guide to kegels. Mindfulness articles teach you how to meditate in two minutes and use yoga to improve productivity.

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The Life Fitness Blog

Whether you realized it or not, if you’ve ever hit up the elliptical at the gym, you likely used a piece of Life Fitness equipment. This healthy lifestyle manufacturer sells everything from treadmills and exercise bikes to complete home gyms and weight racks. The company’s blog offers all sorts of how-tos for fitness pros and amateur fitness fans alike, from opening your own gym to stopping shin splints. Health-minded and easy-to-use, the advice and tips range from making fitness more fun to having an active Valentine’s Day date.

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Award-winning fitness instructor and social media guru Cassey Ho launched the female-focused YouTube channel Blogilates to share her fitness philosophy, which now includes both POP Pilates classes and PIIT28 (Pilates high-intensity interval classes). Her website offers a number of free videos, from the PIIT workout series to exercise sequences targeting your abs, arms, butt, and more. The blog has plenty of recipes too, like healthy burritos and grab-and-go breakfasts. Fitness-minded posts discuss how to trust your body and busting common fitness myths.

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Carrots ‘N’ Cake

After struggling to balance new motherhood and healthy living, Tina Haupert launched Carrots ‘N’ Cake as a nutrition and fitness resource for time-strapped moms. The certified personal trainer and CrossFit whiz believes in moderation (hence the carrots and the cake) and shares plenty of quick, easy workouts and recipe inspiration. Fitness posts serve both mind and body, from the best fast breakfasts for runners to tips to help you stick to your goals. The blog also offers detailed routines, like a full-body dumbbell workout and a running/body weight workout.

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The Lean Green Bean

Registered dietician, CrossFit gym owner, and mom-of-two, Lindsay Livingston believes that staying healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. She launched The Lean Green Bean to share balanced, simple workouts and nutrition advice. In addition to loads of tempting, healthy recipes — sample her sweet potato waffle nachos or blueberry cauliflower smoothies — her workout archive has a host of great ideas and inspiration, from CrossFit routines to treadmill workouts.

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Boxing coach and trainer Ross Enamait has dedicated his life to helping athletes and regular guys alike succeed at fitness. His blog’s tagline is “bridging the gap between ordinary and extraordinary” and offers real-world, research-backed advice to help readers find their own path to personal fitness. Blog followers can bone up on medicine ball throwing technique, pushing through fitness challenges, and hand-eye coordination training. The site also has a forum with thousands of active, like-minded fitness fans.

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Comeback Momma

After losing 50 pounds of baby weight and recovering from postpartum depression twice, Jenn Mitchell became a certified personal trainer and began blogging to share her experiences and insights. Following another setback of mood disorders and weight gain, she launched Comeback Momma to share the advice that’s helped her to stay a healthy, happy mom despite challenges along the way. Today she strives to find balance in fitness and be healthy, not simply fit. Her blog covers a range of general fitness advice, from exercises to build a better butt to debunking fitness myths to circuit training basics.

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Tony Gentilcore’s Blog

Cofounder of Cressey Sports Performance, Tony Gentilcore has been “picking things up and putting them down” since the tender age of 13. After joining the basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, and bowling teams as a kid, he worked in corporate fitness and as a personal trainer, then launched his own sports club with a couple of friends, and now runs his own studio, CORE, in Boston. As a trainer, he lives to help his clients feel better, perform better, and live healthier lives. His lighthearted blog has “101” deep dives into specific exercises like off-bench dumbbell presses, health books for fitness geeks, and strength training tips for women.

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Tone It Up

Fitness and nutrition mavens Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott launched their online fitness resource Tone It Up in 2009 to capture and share their love of fitness. Since then, the duo’s website and community has exploded, with offerings like weekly workout schedules, premium workout videos, healthy recipes, fitness retreats, and even Tone It Up retail gear. The blog’s fitness section serves up tons of free workouts, from moves for toned outer thighs to a complete upper-body routine. Fitness advice runs from how to choose the right weights for your workouts to the secret to burning more calories all day long.

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Fit Bottomed Girls

Cofounders and best buds Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead began Fit Bottomed Girls to marry their love of fitness with writing. Later they brought on Kristen Seymour, and the trio of personal trainers and fitness warriors made it their mission to spread workout and nutrition insights minus the deprivation. Their diverse team of writers shares tips for exercise pros (last-minute marathon tips) as well as fitness novices (getting the most out of treadmill exercises). They also offer specific workout ideas, like strength-training exercises for tall women and bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

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Roman Fitness Systems

John Romaniello founded Roman Fitness Systems as a personal training company back in 2003 to coach people at all fitness levels, from athletes to exercise newbies. In 2009, he launched his blog; a year later, he stopped training to focus on fitness content. In addition to guides on muscle building and intermittent fasting, the company now offers online coaching. Blog posts from John and his team cover general as well as niche fitness topics, like how to stop overthinking your workouts, easing sore muscles, and power clean technique.

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This huge health and wellness community was founded by communication pro Jennifer Grayeb and sales entrepreneur Kelly Olexa as a network for social influencers. A network of thousands of bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers contribute impactful, entertaining articles. The site discusses all things healthy living, from snack ideas to athleisurewear trends to keeping your skin healthy when you work out. Fitness posts cover 15-minute workout ideas, tips to fit fitness into your daily routines, real fitness transformation stories, and more. The brand also offers a healthy living podcast and frequent giveaways.

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Born Fitness

Specializing in online personalized nutrition and fitness plans, Born Fitness was founded by Adam Bornstein, a former University of Florida professor and member of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness advisory board. Adam says he struggled for years to eat well, exercise right, and stay healthy. After transforming his own body, he launched this coaching resource to spread the word on research-backed strategies that help people to feel fitter, healthier, and stronger. Blog posts by journalists and certified personal trainers discuss tips for women on how to get toned arms, proper squat form, and losing the weight post-baby. The site also offers fitness-focused nutrition advice like the best protein sources and the science on creatine, along with recipes like peanut butter protein Rice Krispies treats and PB&J protein balls.

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IDEA Health & Fitness Association

IDEA is an organization for global health and fitness professionals — both certified personal trainers and fitness clubs. In addition to member perks like a monthly magazine, fitness conferences, and workout planners, the group offers a library of free professional fitness content online. Articles by doctors, trainers, and nutritionists go in-depth on the latest studies (like how women with weaker thighs are more likely to have knee problems), 101s on various workouts (Nordic walking), and fitness technique (how many reps to do when lifting weights). The blog also publishes loads of information on nutrition (like how the Mediterranean diet boosts brain health) and weight loss (why whole grains may boost metabolism).

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Breaking Muscle

A destination for the latest information on fitness and nutrition, Breaking Muscle is a full-service wellness site written by people who are passionate about health. In addition to a section dedicated to coaches, the blog offers plenty of information for people at all levels of fitness. Newbies will find 101s on building muscle; avid fitness lovers will appreciate the many workout challenges. The site is particularly resourceful for expecting and new moms, with book reviews, post-birth recovery recipes, and postpartum exercises.

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Perhaps you’ve already seen POPSUGAR content elsewhere in your news feed. In addition to pregnancy and parenting advice, career tips, and the latest in beauty and fashion, this global media and technology company also publishes a plethora of top-notch fitness content. And they serve it up with a dose of refreshing attitude. Articles are in-depth and wide-ranging, such as personal essays (“The 1 Thing I Do to Feel Comfortable in a Swimsuit”) and profiles (“Why This Badass Fitness Trainer Relies on Meditation”). No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll find helpful information, shopping guides (the best athleisurewear on Amazon), beginner tips (how to do an incline pushup), fitness routines (a Simone de la Rue dance workout), and much more.

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Developed by the inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer, David Weck, the WeckMethod is an innovative training technique focused on improving body mechanics, functional strength, and balance. Many exercises on the site feature the BOSU trainer, the RMT Rope, and the RMT Club. Other articles share a variety of fitness basics, such as a 101 on functional training, the importance of core strength, and proper running techniques.

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