Adam and Taryn are two vegans who love to cook and create plant-based recipes. Their site, VeganFoodLover, is chock-full of delicious vegan dishes perfect for any meal or occasion.

The site also includes other fun extras like the “Is it Vegan?” series — yes, Dots are vegan in case you were wondering — and their dining guide on where to find vegan options, including restaurants like Famous Dave’s and Cracker Barrel.

Going vegan can be intimidating, and giving up meat and dairy can seem impossible — but don’t lose hope yet. Beyond great resources like Adam and Taryn’s blog, the amount of prepared vegan products available in the grocery store today makes plant-based eating easier than ever.

But what is it all? (Tofurkey, what?) And does it actually taste good? For guidance, we asked Adam and Taryn for their favorite meat and dairy substitute products — here’s what they said.


This is hands down our favorite vegan mayo. We’ve tried plenty of other brands, and we like some others, but if Vegenaise is on the shelf — that’s the one we’re grabbing. It’s egg-free and comes in several varieties, including grapeseed oil, reduced fat, and organic garlic aioli. You can find it here.

Bouillon base

When we realized the veggie bouillon cubes we were using contained palm oil, we switched to this bouillon vegetable base. We like it better than cubes and broth because it’s in a concentrated form, giving us more control over how we use it. It also tastes great and adds a lot of flavor to recipes. They also have “No Beef Base” and “No Chicken Base” options. You can find it here.

Chicken tenders

These crispy chicken tenders are just good. Period. We use them in a lot of our recipes, but we also rely on them when we feel too lazy to cook, since all we have to do is pop ‘em in the oven and set a timer. You can find them here.


If we’re going to a cookout or we’re trying to recreate one of our favorite fast-food burgers, this vegan burger is our number one choice. They’re also a great conversation starter at parties — people are always curious about them. You can find some here.


These sausages are also great to bring to a cookout, and they totally fool people. We like all of them, but the Italian variety is by far our favorite. Another plus? One sausage packs a whopping 30 grams of protein. You can find them here.


Of all the veggie bacons we’ve tried, this bacon is our favorite. Although we frequently use tempeh bacon in our recipes, if we want something that really looks like real bacon and has a similar texture, we use vegan bacon. Free of cholesterol and saturated fat — what more could you ask for? You can find it here.

Adam and Taryn are two “gluttonous” vegans who love to cook and create plant-based recipes. They’re also the owners of the vegan blog, VeganFoodLover.