Teresa Cutter, an Australian-based nutritionist and chef known as The Healthy Chef, lives a healthy and active life. And she needs her daily diet to keep up.

Want to know what keeps this wellness wonder feeling and looking her best? From tummy-friendly protein powder to leggings you’ll live in, she rounds up a few of the products that she just can’t live without.

Protein powder

Protein powder

I remember when I was first experimenting with protein powders in my early 20s. Everything I tried caused bloating and made me gain weight — the total opposite of what I wanted. This is one of the main reasons why I created my own line of protein supplements that are natural and work with my problematic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and digestive health issues. My protein powders are low in carbs and fat. They’re also sugar-free!

Organic matcha green tea

I can’t live without my morning cup of matcha tea to start the day. This energizing drink is ceremonial-grade and organic, so everyone who enjoys it is getting a rich dose of antioxidants to support health, energy, and vitality.

Superfood powder

Many of us don’t get enough fruits and vegetables, which is why I created a delicious superfood powder to help nourish our bodies in a convenient way. I love that it tastes just like blueberries. It’s great mixed into smoothies or stirred through thick coconut yogurt.

Green smoothie

This is my daily dose of organic greens and probiotics. I designed the Healthy Chef Green Smoothie specifically for those like myself with IBS and digestive issues such as bloating. I wanted an alkalizing blend of greens that was quickly absorbed into the body, tasted wonderful, and supported my journey toward better health. I add a spoonful to my protein shake every morning. It’s perfect when traveling, too — simply mix into water as an alkalizing green tonic.


My cookbooksPurely Delicious” and “Healthy Baking” contain my favorite recipes of all time. No matter how many times I’ve made gluten-free banana bread or my hummingbird cake, I always keep them handy for the notes and inspiration section. It allows me to reinvent the wheel, if need be.

Kilner jars

Nothing beats a nourishing salad in a jar for a convenient meal on the go. Just add your favorite greens, crunchy vegetables, healthy fats, and protein to make a delicious and satiating meal. Many of these jars have cool stainless steel lids that hold your olive oil dressing, too. That means no more soggy salad!

Victorinox knives

I’ve had my Victorinox knives since I was an apprentice chef — over 25 years ago! I love their classic wooden handles. Your hands won’t slip when you’re chopping food.

Lululemon black tights

I walk, work out, cook, and live in these tights. They’re the perfect mix of casual, comfortable, and classic. Also, they’re durable and still look like I bought them yesterday! They even have a handy pocket for my phone. That makes it easy to whip out The Healthy Chef App for when I need a quick recipe to make!