New Zealander Jub is a full-time traveling vegan and the founder of Tiki Touring Kiwi, a sports travel blog where he writes about his vegan food-fueled sports experiences around the world.

Jub thinks sports are one of the best ways to experience different cultures, which is why he’s found himself running a marathon in Turkey, bungee jumping in Nepal, and scuba diving in India — among many other adventures.

Along the way, Jub has discovered a handful of things that make globetrotting on a budget much easier. Check out the items below that this vegan traveler finds essential.

Green tea


The key to staying healthy as a traveling vegan is to find a few items you like that are available worldwide. Green tea is the one for me, as I hate black tea. In places like northern Thailand, shopping for green tea can become a fun adventure in itself as you browse the night markets, haggling your heart out. You can find some here.

A website for reviews

When I get to a new location, Happy Cow is one of the first sites I visit on my computer. The restaurant information isn’t always accurate — something to keep in mind — but I find the reviews are often really good, and there’s no need to filter for vegan reviews. It’s great for destinations that are known as tough vegan-friendly destinations.

Shoe refresher

I’ve never had a great sense of smell, which isn’t ideal when living the backpacker lifestyle. I’ve had friends mention they could hardly stay in the same room as me, as my socks smelled so bad. With my shoes, spraying this shoe freshener each day helps put my mind at ease — somewhat. You can find it here.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is my go-to treat. I like knowing I can go to a supermarket and simply look for 70 percent and above. In countries where labels are more difficult to read, this is a real time-saver. You can find some here.

Protein bars

When I ate my first-ever Clif Bar in San Francisco in 2011, my taste buds were in heaven. The variety of flavors means you never get bored. There will always be a few thrown into my backpack for an easy go-to snack. (Note: Some flavors aren’t vegan. Check the label!) Now, why can’t they be as widely available as other delicious vegan treats? You can find it here.


There are different theories on the best travel towel, but if I’m planning on staying put in one place for a longer period of time, I get a new microfiber towel. The truth is, these towels are super absorbent and lightweight, but become smelly — fast. If I’m moving place to place, I usually prefer a small hand towel — there’s nothing worse than getting your quick-dry towel out of your bag and it’s still damp and smelly. But if I’m slowing down for a bit, I’ll definitely opt for one of these. You can find it here.

Athletic gear

When I finally started running consistently, I began searching for a company with the right gear: enter Kusaga Athletic. It’s a great brand that makes clothing with plant-based fabrics. As soon as I know I’ll be somewhere for more than a week, I’ll order one of their breathable and durable shirts.


Believe it or not, Oreos are vegan! Although not a healthy option, Oreos can be found everywhere — no town seems too small for them. When I’m in need of a special treat and there are minimal options, Oreos have saved me from going hungry. You can find some here.