Carly Fraser founded Live Love Fruit as a way to spread the word about something near and dear to her heart: leading a raw, plant-based lifestyle. Over 10 years of trial and error, Carly developed the experience and knowledge that has inspired and motivated thousands of people to think critically about what they eat.

Whether you’re just looking to eat more fruits and vegetables, or you’re ready to embrace the raw vegan lifestyle like Carly, you’re probably wondering where to start. What kind of equipment do you need? Where can you find vegan products?

We asked Carly that very question. She was happy to share her favorite gadgets and brands.

Citrus press juicer

I use my citrus press every single morning. I recommend this mechanical version so you don’t spend all your time manually juicing citrus fruits for fresh juice. I love how the cone of this press fits all sizes of fruits, from limes to grapefruit. It’s easy to use and I can whip up a fresh glass of orange juice in under a minute.

High-speed blender

This is by far my favorite high-speed blender. I make everything from soups to sorbets, nut butters to smoothies, and so much more. It’s incredibly versatile and everything blends to that perfect, smooth consistency.


This is the first juicer I ever had, and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s an easy-to-use masticating juicer with a powerful motor that quietly presses out the freshest of juices from almost any fruit or vegetable.

Beauty from Bees

I fell in love with this Canadian company after I had the chance to sample their products. Everything at Beauty from Bees is produced without the use of harsh chemicals. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Berkey water filter

I decided to invest in a new water filter from Berkey this year because I was tired of hauling around gallon jugs from the supermarket. I love it! It filters out 99.9 percent of contaminants in water. And if you get the additional fluoride filter, you can rest assured your water is completely safe to consume.

Spiral vegetable slicer

As a high-raw vegan, a vegetable spiral slicer is a must-have in my kitchen. This slicer is an easy-to-use, handy tool for whipping up zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries, or long, spiral apple strands.

Xero Shoes

Clunking around in flip-flops all summer led to knee issues, so I finally decided to invest in some high-quality, barefoot shoes. I love Xero Shoes because it literally feels like you’re wearing nothing, but your feet are completely protected. If you haven’t read up on the benefits of barefoot walking, I highly suggest it.

Food processor

If you want to cut down on chopping time, this food processor is just what you need. I do a lot of chopping in my kitchen, and this machine saves me so much time. It’s quiet, powerful, sleek, and it has a ton of different shredding options. It’s a must-have in any vegan kitchen.

Hemp protein powder

I can’t go one day without a breakfast that includes some high-quality, plant-based protein. Hemp protein is one of the most nutritionally complete proteins on the planet — great for building healthy, lean muscle.


This was one of my first purchases as a raw vegan. I use the dehydrator to make dehydrated fruit and vegetables, raw crackers, delicious raw desserts, and even to warm up raw soups. There are so many things you can do with a dehydrator!