Liz Wolfe is a nutritional therapy practitioner, wellness writer, mom, and part-time farmer with three simple passions: real food, healthy babies and families, and organic skin care. Who better to ask, then, for a roundup of favorite healthy finds?

If you’re ready to give your skin and hair care routine an organic overhaul, Liz has all kinds of great suggestions. Her original goal was to ditch the questionable ingredients and harmful chemicals and opt instead for natural products that are as safe as they are effective. And that’s just what she did.

These are now her go-to beauty and skin care products — what she considers to be the best of the best. They’re from companies working hard to create natural and safe lotions and potions that perform amazingly well. She uses these items often and loves their results — and believes you will, too!

Liz Wolfe’s favorite organic beauty finds

Beautycounter’s charcoal cleansing bar


For one of the easiest cleansing routine possible, the Beautycounter charcoal cleansing bar is a cult favorite for the face and body. It’s formulated to cleanse your skin without drying it out: finely milled charcoal helps detoxify and absorb toxins, organic green tea soothes your skin, and the witch hazel helps tone it. It’s perfect for everyday use, too. The packaging is even recyclable, so you can use this bar knowing you’re also giving a little bit back to the environment.

Mad Hippie’s hydrating nutrient mist

Never underestimate the power of a great mist. This one contains hyaluronic acid and white pine bark, which can help moisturize your skin, alongside antioxidants like ginkgo biloba and resveratrol. This mist promises to hydrate, reduce redness, and repair your skin. As an added bonus, it’s also vegan and GMO-free. Use it in the mornings, evenings, or any time you need a quick refresh.

You can buy it here.

Primal Life Organics’ C-ex vitamin c serum

If your skin is in desperate need of repair, give this vitamin C serum a try. It promises to hydrate, brighten, and repair skin, using vitamin C-rich oils and extracts derived entirely from whole, natural ingredients. You won’t find any fillers, water, stabilizers, or preservatives in this product. Simply use three to five drops daily on your face and neck. You’ll also be happy to know that this little bottle will last you between four to six months. (Full disclosure: I helped design it!)

You can buy it here.

Annmarie Gianni’s anti-aging eye cream with CoQ10

In recent years, CoQ10 has become increasingly popular in the world of skin care. Studies have found that this natural nutrient can enhance your skin’s health at the cellular level and help fight and repair fine lines. The cream also uses antioxidant goji berries and green tea to further help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also promises to reduce puffiness with the help of cucumber extract and the herb eyebright.

You can buy it here.

Primally Pure’s dry shampoo

With options for both lighter and darker hair colors, this is one of the most natural and effective dry shampoos on the market. The use of arrowroot and kaolin clay aids in the absorption of oil without harming your hair. The natural essential oils will leave your mane smelling delightfully fresh.

Bubble and Bee’s Pit Putty and Pit Primer

A natural deodorant that actually works? Sign me up! This aluminum-free, totally natural deodorant can help keep you fresh and dry without the use of questionable chemicals so often used in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants. And if you struggle with underarm odor in particular, the Pit Primer is also a must.

Beautycounter’s Dew Skin tinted moisturizer

Protect your skin from sun damage with this SPF 20 moisturizer. And while protecting your skin from harmful rays is reason enough to try this product, it also promises to give your complexion that enviable dewy glow. Meanwhile, the peony flower root extract and vitamin C used in the formula can help improve the look of age spots. Try layering it beneath a non-SPF foundation for added coverage.

100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented lip and cheek tint in Peach Glow

A peachy flush can make even the most tired skin look revitalized. This tint does double duty on the cheeks and lips. It’s ideal if you’re looking for medium skin coverage (for a more natural look) and a semigloss finish.

Côte’s pearlized nail polish in peacock

This playful yet refined color looks classic year-round. It comes with none of the baggage of traditional nail polish, too. Côte products are free of the damaging, potentially dangerous ingredients such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and parabens that are ubiquitous in many nail polishes.

Liz Wolfe is a nutritional therapy practitioner, wellness writer, mom, and part-time farmer who’s passionate about real food, safe skin care, and healthy babies and families. She wrote the Wall Street Journal best-seller “Eat the Yolks.” Follow her adventures on Instagram.