As the old saying goes, “It’s essential that you have the right tools for the job.”This saying couldn’t be truer when it comes to parenting.

As the content lead at BestForTheKids and a mom, Sandra Cobain knows that no matter what task you’re trying to tackle, life is a little easier (and a lot more stress-free) when you’ve got everything you need right by your side. So, what are her must-haves?

Here are her favorite parenting products she says she can’t live without.

When our child inevitably catches a cold, it can be heartbreaking. There’s nothing worse than seeing our babies ill.

But dealing with this issue doesn’t need to be as painstaking as continuously wiping away boogies while trying to nurse an upset baby. I used my OCCObaby nasal aspirator on both of my children. It definitely made life a lot easier for our family.

All babies become constipated from time to time, but it always results in an unhappy baby and, therefore, a stressed-out parent. When I discovered and used Windi’s gas and colic reliever for the first time, my world changed forever. This is a drug-free way to relieve your baby’s constipation instantly. Just make sure you always read the instructions before using it!

I had always heard from friends and relatives that a teething toy was a waste of money. Many people I know paid for a rather expensive toy, only to see it destroyed in a matter of days. After all, teething babies don’t yet understand their power. But after spending countless sleepless nights over this issue, I gave in to Vulli’s Sophie la Girafe. It worked like a charm. It is, hands down, one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

If you’ve already tried countless wraps and slings to carry around your baby comfortably and you’ve yet to find one that’ll suit you, the Moby Wrap will be your final point of call. In reality, this is simply an oversized piece of fabric. But once you’ve mastered how to wrap it, you’ll never go for anything else.

Perfecting your child’s sleeping pattern is no easy feat. Sleeping during the day, sleeping at night — these times of day are ideal. But what happens when your little bundle of joy won’t sleep? You’ll need a sleeping toy. In my case, my child and I fell in love with the Sleep Sheep, a cuddly little toy with a built-in soothing sound that gently sent my sweet babe to dreamland.

No essential parenting inventory list would be complete without baby wipes. It’s a day-to-day essential. I mean, we get through hundreds every day! Once I discovered Water Wipes, it’s been my go-to brand ever since. Whether you’re cleaning up yourself, your children, or your husband, it goes without saying that your baby wipes will be by your side.

In today’s world, it’s very rare that we stay in the same place. We’re often out traveling on vacation, seeing family and friends, or on the go somewhere. But if you’ve got young children, being out can sometimes seem like a pipe dream.

This is now a thing of the past thanks to travel cots, such as the Joie Excursion travel cot. This highly portable cot can be transported in the car and set up wherever you need it to be. My family recently took a cross-country trip — a longtime dream of mine and my husband’s. And thanks to this cot, it went off without a hitch!

Sandra Cobain leads the editorial team at BestForTheKids. Before deciding to become the chief content strategist here, she used to be a practicing child psychologist. She’s a mom of two, a lover of crafts, confetti, and cooking! Follow her on Twitter.