Louise Hendon is the co-founder of Paleo Flourish, The Keto Summit, and Healing Autoimmune, three websites designed to help people use real food to take control of their health.

Hendon creates recipes that meet paleo, autoimmune protocol (AIP) standards — but don’t let that scare you. With tasty options like paleo baked ribs with sticky glaze, keto beef teriyaki with sesame and kale, and AIP chili con carne, this is easy, healthy, and delicious food.

Making changes to your diet as a means of improving your health can be a little intimidating, but between Hendon’s recipes and the kitchen essentials she shares on her sites, you can absolutely do it. Below, she tells us all about her favorite gadgets and tools for less mess and fuss in the kitchen. Now we want everything on her list.

Pressure cooker

I still love my slow cooker, but the Instant Pot has been a game changer! It makes preparing last-minute dinners so much easier, and it works wonders with soups, stews, and roasts. The meat is always incredibly tender in under an hour. Usually that would take three to four hours on the stove, or six to eight hours in the slow cooker.

Milk frother

If you love paleo or keto coffee — the kind made with ghee or butter, and coconut or MCT oil — a milk frother is a must-have device. This is how you make that perfect fat-fueled coffee. Get one of these inexpensive little tools for work and at home. You won’t be sorry!

Oil splatter screen

Make cleanup a snap with this ingenious kitchen tool. Sautéing is a quick way to prepare food while keeping flavors vivid, but it also makes a big oily mess across your cooking surface. Laying this oil splatter screen across your pan while you cook contains the mess, keeping oil off countertops, cooking surfaces, and you! I love the screen from OXO. It’s easy to use and has a folding handle.

Coffee grinder

The best thing about a good coffee grinder is its versatility. You can use it to grind up all kinds of stuff in the kitchen. I use mine to grind chia and flaxseeds for a finer flour or meal. Since I’m usually only making a small amount, it can be tough to do in a regular food processor or blender. I like the Krups grinder for its price and durability.

Chef’s knife

A good chef’s knife is worth its weight in gold. Chopping vegetables, fruits, and meat is a huge part of preparing healthy meals. And it’s so much faster and easier with a high-quality knife. It’s safer on your fingers, too. There are several excellent brands, but I really like Victorinox.

Silicone muffin pan

A silicone muffin pan is another handy tool for easier clean up. I like to keep muffins in the fridge for a fast breakfast or snack, and this makes the whole cooking process easier. Whether I’m whipping up egg or almond flour muffins, silicone muffin pans pop them out easily with no stuck-on bits or mess.

Cooking tongs

When I’m making steak, pork chops, or chicken tenders, a good pair of cooking tongs is the best way to crisp up certain parts of the meat without dropping anything. (That’s a trick I got from Gordon Ramsey when I was learning how to cook pork tenderloin.) Make sure to get tongs with rubber or silicone grips so they don’t get hot and burn you if you leave them in the pan.