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EyeBuyDirect is a direct-to-consumer online retailer. They sell prescription and nonprescription eyeglasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses.

EyeBuyDirect offers a wide range of luxury and budget eyeglass frame brands. Ordering from EyeBuyDirect can be a simple way to get new glasses. But there are a couple of tips and tricks you should know before placing your first order.

This article will let you in on things you should know before clicking “buy.”

EyeBuyDirect offers prescription and fashion eyewear.

EyeBuyDirect frames

They sell a wide variety of budget eyeglasses. Many of these eyeglasses mimic the look of upscale designer frames.

EyeBuyDirect also sells well-known brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban. These brands are called their premium selections. Premium brands cost more than EyeBuyDirect’s budget frames, but the frames are often still cheaper than they might be at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

Browse EyeBuyDirect’s tips for finding frames for your face shape.

EyeBuyDirect lenses

In addition to frames, EyeBuyDirect offers an array of lens options. Lenses and coatings available include:

  • blue-light-blocking
  • anti-glare
  • polarized
  • bifocal
  • progressive
  • reading

They don’t currently sell contact lenses.

Shop EyeBuyDirect eyeglasses online.

It’s a bit hard to know what you might end up paying when you purchase glasses through EyeBuyDirect.

The frames themselves are typically more affordable. There are plenty of frame options for $50 or less.

Once you add in your lenses, the price starts to go up.

Vision distance prescription lenses — i.e., glasses for people with nearsightedness (myopia) — with clear, standard lenses will typically cost about $7. If you want anti-reflective or anti-scratch coating on your lenses, the price starts to go up. You can choose from four different types of prescription lenses, each at a different price point.

EyeBuyDirect’s highest quality lenses, called their premium lenses, include an anti-scratch and anti-glare coating, ultraviolet protection, as well as dust and smudge protection. These lenses add $80 to the cost of the frames that you select — although some of the premium frames on EyeBuyDirect include these lenses in their pricing.

The same logic applies when you buy sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect. While the frames start at a low to moderate price point, different lens options can add to the cost.

If you’re shopping for prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you’ll need to know your prescription.

You should also have a clear idea of what you want in terms of eyeglass lenses. Do you wake up to find your glasses on the bedroom floor every morning? Anti-scratch may be essential for you.

Do you work at a computer for long hours every day? Blue-light-blocking lenses or anti-glare coating might be worth considering. Knowing what you need will keep you from overspending on things you don’t.

When you shop for glasses on EyeBuyDirect, you start by narrowing down the frames that you want from their huge selection.

Filter shopping pages and choose frames you like

Much like shopping for clothes at an online department store, EyeBuyDirect has filters you can use to look at frames by color, shape, and size. They also offer extensive advice on how to choose frames online based on your preference and the shape of your face.

Fill out the form with your prescription details

Once you’ve chosen your frames, the next step is to select your lenses. You’ll need to enter your prescription information into the form on their website, being careful not to make any errors. This method means you don’t have to transfer any files, but it is up to you to make sure that the entries are correct.

If you need a prescription, EyeBuyDirect offers a search feature on their website to look up optical retailers they’ve partnered with in your area so you can schedule an eye exam.

Choose the lenses and coatings you want

At this point, you can also choose add-ons, like anti-scratch coating or smudge protection on the lenses.

Make your shipping selections and add to your shopping cart

Next, you’ll select your shipping options and any additional accessories, like a leather glasses case or defogging cloth, at checkout.

How long does it take EyeBuyDirect glasses to ship?

After ordering, the company states your glasses can take 7 to 14 business days to arrive with standard shipping. In some cases, your frames may be ready much sooner. Orders over $99 ship for free.

EyeBuyDirect is experiencing some delays as their supply chain copes with storms and pandemic-related challenges.

But once your order ships, the company uses a service, called Route, to help you track your package in real time.

Order prescription and non-prescription eyewear from

EyeBuyDirect is pretty straightforward about their return and refund policies.

If you receive your glasses and don’t like them, you have 2 weeks from when they’re delivered to send them back.

How to start a return

To make a return, log in to your account and select the item that you’re unhappy with. If you’re within the 2-week window from when you received your order, you’ll be able to choose between a full refund or a replacement pair of glasses.

If your glasses break or are defective, you can get store credit at EyeBuyDirect within 1 year of purchase. You can call the company at 1-855-EYEBUY1 (1-855-393-2891) with questions about your warranty.

EyeBuyDirect doesn’t repair eyeglasses

You may be able to have an optician or eyewear retailer reshape some frames in-person or replace lenses, but these are services that EyeBuyDirect doesn’t offer.

EyeBuyDirect has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, with over 15,000 Trustpilot reviews and counting. People tend to be pleased with their purchase and feel the product is of comparable quality to other retailers that sell eyewear.

But it does seem that customer service can be hit or miss with EyeBuyDirect. Some customers say that it was hard to get in touch with customer service, or that the answers they got by email or over the phone weren’t satisfactory. Others say they were frustrated that certain discounts or offers didn’t work the way they thought they would.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave EyeBuyDirect an A+ rating, and customer reviews posted to the BBB website have an average score of 4 stars.

There are other online retailers that are similar to EyeBuyDirect, where you can shop online and choose eyewear that’s delivered to your house. These include:

If you’re interested in a brick-and-mortar experience and an eye exam, you might want to consider:

  • independent optometrists in your area
  • Cohen Optical
  • Costco Vision Center
  • Walmart
  • Lenscrafters

EyeBuyDirect provides a way for you to get eyewear shipped to your house without going to the doctor’s office to pick them out.

If you’ve never been to the optometrist or if it’s been a while, you’ll need to get an eye exam to get your prescription details before ordering your eyeglasses.

EyeBuyDirect doesn’t work with traditional insurance, which may limit who it works best for.

EyeBuyDirect may be a great option and worth a try if you’re comfortable with your prescription and want to try premium (and premium-looking) eyewear, especially if you have an HSA or FSA to offset the cost of glasses.