Monolid eyes is the term some people use to describe eyelids that don’t appear to have a crease. They are more common in people of East Asia heritage.

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Illustration by Ruth Basagoitia

A monolid is an eyelid shape that doesn’t have a crease. An eye that does have a crease is known as a double eyelid.

Monolids are typically a facial feature of East Asian people. However, other races may also have a monolid or an eyelid shape without a crease.

In certain regions, especially East Asia, surgery and cosmetic products are commonly used to create the appearance of a crease. In fact, it’s one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in this area of the world.

It’s important to recognize that beauty comes in many sizes and, yes, eyelid shapes. Monolids are beautiful and special.

Keep reading to learn more about why they’re so unique, how you can embrace them, and what options you have if you want to have a crease.

Monolid eyes are most common in people of East Asian descent. However, people of other races with horizontal, elongated eyes may also have monolids.

What’s more, some individuals with larger eyelid hoods may appear to have monolids. These are referred to as hooded monolids. The skin folds over the visible crease, giving the appearance of a monolid.

For decades, eyelid surgery has been very popular among East Asians across the globe. Indeed, anecdotal reports suggest some children have surgery to create an eyelid crease as young as elementary school.

However, the tide is changing in the East Asian community and in the beauty community more broadly. People are embracing their monolid eyes and the unique look and appearance that comes with them.

Beauty bloggers like Jen Chae of From Head to Toe and Weylie Hoang of ILikeWeylie — both have more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube — talk frequently about their monolids. They also embrace them by offering makeup tutorials that show people how to celebrate the unique beauty of this facial feature.

As people like Jen and Weylie stand up for their natural features, the beauty community has taken notice. Major cosmetics brands have designed products and tutorials for customers with monolid eyes.

What’s more, diversity in representation means that more people are seeing individuals that look like them in magazines and on cosmetic advertisements.

YouTube vloggers and beauty writers offer lots of tips and techniques for creating makeup looks that highlight monolid eyes. You’re very likely to find an option depending on the look you desire.

Just remember, everyone’s eye shapes are different. Practice the look that highlights your beautiful eyes and makes you feel special.

Eye powder

This can be used to create an ombre or color fade that creates the illusion of depth. The YouTube channel Working with Monolids offers a great tutorial for this technique.

How to do it

  1. Apply one shade to the inside of the eye, closest to the nose.
  2. Apply a second, darker shade toward the outside of the eyelid.
  3. Blend the two together with a clean brush to create an ombré effect.
  4. Use makeup remover towels or a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean up any uneven lines.
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Eyeliner can make eyes pop and appear larger than they are. For someone with a monolid, a winged eyeliner look is especially beautiful.

How to do it

  1. Prepare your eyelid with a primer or concealer. Apply eyeshadow if you wish.
  2. Use a pencil or brush-tip liquid eyeliner to outline your upper lash line.
  3. Place the end of your eyeliner at the point you’d like the wing to end beyond the edge of your eye. Draw a diagonal line back from that point to the middle of your lash line.
  4. Draw a second line from that end point to the middle of your eye, or the point at which the upper and lower lids meet.
  5. Fill in the outline.
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YouTube blogger Sandy Lin explains an easy technique for flawless winged eyeliner. She also gives product recommendations for her techniques.


Mascara can help elongate and emphasize natural lashes. Jen Chae of From Head to Toe shares how to use this cosmetic to get lashes that flutter.

How to do it

  1. Use a lash curler that matches your eye shape and gently press the lashes. Pump the curler a few times to help turn the eyelashes upward. Repeat across the lash line to curl all lashes.
  2. Tilt your head back. Start at the base of the lash line on your upper lashes and gently rock the mascara wand up the lashes. Repeat twice to give each lash even coverage.
  3. Tilt your head forward. Start at the base of the lash line on your lower lashes, and rock the mascara wand down the lashes. Repeat to give the lashes as much curl as possible.
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False eyelashes

If your eyelashes are a bit short, you can use false eyelashes to emphasize your natural eye shape and beauty. Weylie Hoang shares how people with monolids can apply falsies.

How to do it

  1. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to your natural eye lashes.
  2. Remove lashes from packaging, and trim them to fit the length of your natural lash line.
  3. Apply a thin amount of lash glue to the false lashes. Wait for the glue to become tacky, or about 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Beginning in the outer corner of your eye, gently roll the lashes onto your lash line. Press along the lash line to adhere the falsies to your eyelids.
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All eyelids and eye shapes are beautiful. If your personal preference is to have a larger, more obvious crease in your eyelid, you can take steps to create this appearance. Two options are commonly used to achieve the double eyelid.


Eyelid tape and glues force a crease in the eyelid skin. These adhesives are applied to clean skin, and they give the temporary appearance of a double eyelid.

You can’t always wear makeup with the double eyelid tape, and you will have to reapply the tape every day to maintain the look. Some people may also be allergic to the adhesive.

YouTube blogger Tina Yong shares a step-by-step tutorial for applying double eyelid tape.


Each year, millions of East Asians undergo double eyelid blepharoplasty to create a crease in their eyelids and make their eyes appear larger.

During this procedure, a plastic surgeon will remove tissue and muscle to create a crease. The incision will be closed with stitches or glue. Recovery can take a few weeks, and visible scarring will be seen until the eyelids are healed.

A second procedure doesn’t require an incision. Instead, a doctor will insert sutures through tissue and tighten them until the crease is formed. This procedure, too, can require several days of recovery, and it may need to be repeated later or corrected if the suture loosens.

If you do decide to pursue plastic surgery, it’s vital that you look for a qualified plastic surgeon that has experience in this type of procedure. Ask to see before and after photos from your surgeon so you can be certain they understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Monolid eyes are beautiful, special, and unique. A wonderful movement that encourages natural beauty and individual looks is growing stronger by the year. Cosmetic companies and fashion magazines are taking notice, too.

If you have monolid eyes, your beauty is distinct. Today more than ever before, you also have a wealth of information to help you learn how to love your eyelids. Turn to beauty bloggers who specialize in makeup tutorials to embrace the unique facial feature.

Monolid eyes have eyelids that don’t appear to have a crease. There’s nothing medically wrong with this type of eyelid. In fact, single lids are quite common in East Asia.

However, eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries in East Asia. A movement to accept natural beauty may make the surgery less popular in coming years and decades.

Whether you prefer a natural look or love to experiment with colorful cosmetics, the beauty movement is embracing natural appearances and features.