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Blue light protection technology is becoming popular for protection from light emitted by computer, smartphone, and tablet screens, as well as televisions and even energy-efficient LED lights.

While more studies need to be done before it’s conclusive that light from our devices is harmful, there are options out there for protection.

Without some guidance, telling the difference between traditional lenses and special blue light lenses can seem impossible, or not worth the extra money. These lenses may run you a hundred bucks extra or more.

Here’s our guide to 11 great anti-blue light glasses available right now. We took advice from experts who know a thing or two about these lenses, and people who have already given these lenses a shot.

Researchers have found evidence blue light glasses might be helpful against blue light exposure. Here are some highlights:

  • A 2015 study found that too much blue light exposure at night can interrupt your sleep cycle and affect your alertness the next day.
  • Another 2015 study found that using blue light glasses a few hours before bed can help you fall asleep more easily.

Here’s what we looked for when choosing these glasses:

  • Does the product truly use blue light protection? Some glasses advertise blue light protection when they don’t actually meet the criteria as set forth by researchers.
  • Is the product high quality? There are blue light glasses on the market that aren’t well made. All the products here are intended to last.
  • What is being marketed to men and women? When choosing glasses, look at all the categories to see what’s available. Though products tend to be marketed specifically to men or women, order whatever looks good to you.
  • Is the product sustainably sourced and manufactured? Some of the brands we’ve included have an eco-conscious mission or initiatives to support sustainable manufacturing or hiring practices.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $51–$100
  • $$$ = over $100
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for women

Warby Parker Whalen

Price: $$$

Warby Parker has been a go-to brand for people who want trendy, well-made glasses and convenience.

Warby Parker is famous for their home try-on program: They’ll ship you 5 pairs of glasses to try for 5 days, with free shipping both ways. Choose from six different color options for the Whalen frames, available in medium and wide sizes.

Don’t like this style? Add blue-light-filtering lenses to any Warby Parker glasses for $50. Prescription lenses can also have a blue-light-blocking coating added.


  • six colors available
  • virtual and home try-on options
  • hand-polished cellulose acetate frames


  • may scratch easily
  • cause fishbowl effect for some
  • no customer reviews on website
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for men

Warby Parker Percey

Price: $$$

Warby Parker’s Percey frames are available in a variety of options: nine different color combinations and four frame widths, from narrow to extra wide.

Take advantage of their home try-on program to try 5 frames for 5 days, shipped free round trip. If the Percey frames aren’t your jam, you might like knowing that you can add blue-light-filtering lenses to any Warby Parker glasses for $50.

If the glasses don’t work out, Warby Parker offers 30 days from purchase to return or exchange them.


  • nine color options
  • classic round frames
  • five frame widths available


  • may feel heavy on the nose
  • no customer reviews on website
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for kids

Cyxus Blue-Light-Blocking Kids Glasses

Price: $

Available in four colors, these popular kid’s glasses claim to reduce up to 90 percent of blue light. Designed for kids ages 5 to 8, these glasses come with a lifetime warranty. A fun bonus is the included blue light that allows you to test the functionality of the glasses.

If bought through Amazon, Amazon’s 30-day return policy applies. Have older kids or need different options? Check out brands like Zenni for kids

Have older kids or need different options? Check out brands like Zenni for kids. More on Zenni below.


  • comfortable
  • four color options
  • may reduce eye strain and headaches


  • may be too small for some
  • screws may break or come loose easily
  • customers report receiving scratched glasses
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Best transitional blue-light-blocking glasses

Zenni Black Cat-Eye Glasses

Price: $

Zenni is a popular, affordable online eyewear brand with lots of frame colors, styles, lenses, and add-ons. Zenni explains that Blokz is a material that can be added to their lenses to reduce natural and electronic light without a visible tint.

The photochromatic lenses are transitional lenses that are clear indoors but turn dark when exposed to bright sunlight. This makes them an ideal option for long drives that stretch into the night. These also work well for folks who spend time both indoors and out throughout the day.

We picked the cat eye frames for their classic look, but if you don’t like this style, you can choose from a wide array of frame options. Make sure to add Blokz photochromatic lenses when customizing.

Take the Zenni Blue Light Quiz to find blue-light-blocking lenses for you.


  • comfortable fit
  • stylish frames
  • virtual try-on service available


  • may be too heavy and large for some
  • customers report that frames crack easily
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for gaming

Gunnar Intercept Gaming Glasses

Price: $$

These glasses are in a minimalist style and, according to the company, provide ultraviolet (UV) light protection. The lenses rely on amber or yellow tinting to help filter out screen glare. Many customers comment that these blue-light-blocking glasses can be worn comfortably throughout the day.

According to the company, these are designed to block out 65 percent of blue light from screens and lights. Their slight tint can make them look odd or inappropriate for certain environments.


  • stylish, comfortable design
  • lightweight yet sturdy
  • customers say they reduce eye strain and dryness


  • may fog up and smudge easily
  • only available with magnification
  • too bulky for some headsets
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Gamma Ray Optix Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti-Glare

Price: $

Designed to reduce eyestrain during long gaming sessions in front of a computer, these glasses are another affordable option that are also readers. They have an average rating of 4.5 stars based on over 26,000 Amazon reviews.

These glasses feature UV 400 protection and glare reduction. The frames are trendy, simple, and lightweight.


  • user reviews rate these glasses highly for gaming and computer use
  • affordable
  • comes with frame carrying case and lens cleaning cloth


  • some users may not like the slight tint of these glasses
  • plastic frame
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Best bamboo blue-light-blocking eyewear

Blue Planet Matson

Price: $

The Blue Planet Matson blue-light-blocking glasses feature light-colored bamboo arms for a modern, minimal look. You can choose from four stylish color options for the frames. According to customer reviews, the durable glasses are comfortable and provide excellent clarity.

These bamboo glasses are a great option for eco-conscious people who want to reduce waste. Blue Planet manufactures sustainable eyewear using reprocessed material that would otherwise find its way to an ocean or a landfill. The company ships the products sans plastic in packaging that you can recycle or repurpose.


  • classic square, eco-friendly frames
  • excellent value
  • durable construction


  • may be too big for some
  • the website doesn’t have a lot of reviews
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Best crowdfunded blue-light-blocking glasses

Covry Blue Light Glasses

Price: $$$

Covry has a wide variety of frames available for blue-light-blocking lenses, and each comes with a vegan leather case. Covry uses special technology to keep frames high on the face, prevent smudged lenses, and sit on the face differently than standard glasses.

These are relatively expensive and difficult to find on many e-commerce platforms. Reviews are skewed highly positive, so not all experiences may be represented.


  • stylish, minimal frames
  • comfortable, secure fit for low nose bridges
  • small batch production is handcrafted by artisans


  • some glasses are too heavy
  • certain frames may slide
  • reviewers say frames feel flimsy
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for computer work

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses

Price: $

These reading glasses come in a variety of colors and styles, and claim to block 90 percent of harmful blue light. These glasses are designed for low color distortion and have no magnification.

Customers have mentioned they helped reduce eyestrain, headaches, and dry eyes, which means these glasses may be ideal for those who spend long hours at the computer.

Keep in mind that the lenses are tinted and add an orange hue to everything.


  • simple, classic frames
  • lightweight, comfortable fit
  • reviewers report the glasses reduce eyestrain and headaches


  • may smudge easily
  • may leave a mark on the bridge of your nose
  • some customers say the glasses made their eyes hurt
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Best blue-light-blocking glasses for sleep

Baxter Blue Lane Maple Tortoise Glasses

Price: $$

These glasses are meant to be worn once the sun goes down to help filter out blue light that can affect sleep. They’re designed with anti-reflective and superhydrophobic coatings. Baxter Blue claims that their design improves quality of sleep and promotes melatonin production.

Blue Baxter offers a 90-day home trial program, free shipping, and a 1-year warranty.

A bonus: For every pair purchased, Blue Baxter donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need.


  • excellent quality
  • virtual try-on available
  • customers say they decrease eyestrain and light sensitivity


  • may be too small for some
  • glasses may slide due to loose arms
  • no option to sort reviews on the website
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Best luxury blue-light-blocking glasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Blue Light Glasses

Price: $$$

Ray-Ban is a trusted brand, with over 70 years of experience making quality, sought-after glasses. These nonprescription lenses feature 100 percent UV protection, protecting your eyes in almost all situations. The polarized lenses enhance contrast when reading or working, eliminate glare, and reduce eyestrain.

Ray-Ban offers free shipping, free returns for 60 days, and a limited warranty when buying from them directly.


  • extremely comfortable
  • solid, sturdy frames
  • classic, timeless design


  • too small for some
  • may slide down the nose
  • nosepieces get caught in hair
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If you already wear prescription glasses, talk with your optical store or eye doctor about prescription lens options that include blue light filters or anti-glare coating. You’ll find a variety of options if you go that route.

Glasses aren’t the only way to reduce blue light and glare from electronics. Consider these additional tools and strategies:

  • Download F.lux software. Free software you can download to your computer adjusts the screen’s light based on your environment and time of day. Anecdotes from users over the years, including computer programmers and digital editors, claim it reduces eyestrain. The company claims it helps users sleep better. It does alter the colors on your screen, but is easy to disable temporarily if you need true colors for your work.
  • Buy a blue light computer screen filter. Instead of eyewear, you could get a filter to place on your computer screen. Shop online.
  • Try a blue-light-blocking privacy screen. There are also versions built into privacy screens for computers. Shop online.
  • Change phone settings. Turn on “night shift” on iPhones or “night mode” for Androids.
  • Increase the contrast on your screen. The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests adjusting the lighting in the room and the settings on your computer.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at an object 20 feet away from your computer for 20 seconds.
  • What’s most important to you? What is crucial for you when picking glasses? Price? Zero magnification? Prescription lenses? Customizable options? Generous return policy?
  • Why do you want blue light blockers? Is it to reduce headaches, relieve eyestrain, help you sleep, or something else? Look for products and reviews that mention the issues you want to address.
  • What do people who’ve used them say? Check reviews for patterns (negative and positive) related to your most important factors. Pay special attention to recent reviews, in case manufacturers have changed their products or policies recently.
  • Does the eye doctor have recommendations? If you wear prescription glasses or can speak to an optometrist, ask them if there are blue light blockers that they recommend.
  • Do they fit your life and activities? When and how do you intend to wear your new glasses? Some glasses are more suited for everyday wear at home or work, but others may be more suited for outdoor activities like surfing or hiking. Make sure the material, durability, and fit work for your lifestyle.
  • Does the manufacturer provide any technical details about their technology? Most legit manufacturers provide a lot of detail about their technology and how it works. If you have to work hard to find this info or can’t find it at all, buyer beware.
  • Do they have legitimate endorsements? Do reputable health experts, such as optometrists, recommend them? Are they recommended by other credible health organizations?
  • Is the manufacturer a Certified B Corporation? If sustainable practices are important to you, this certification represents a company’s dedication to sustainably sourcing materials and fair hiring practices, such as paying workers a living wage, at all points throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Is it clear where the glasses are made or who made them? If you can’t find specific manufacturer info like this, the glasses may be knockoffs or counterfeits. Don’t buy glasses without a reputable seller or brand behind them. If you order from a third-party seller, look into the return policy and read reviews to make sure the products are legit.

Do I need blue-light-blocking glasses?

If you have frequent exposure to blue light from a television, a digital display screen, or house lighting, you may find blue-light-blocking glasses beneficial. They can help decrease symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, and blurry vision. Blue-light-blocking glasses may help prevent sore, dry, and red eyes.

Blue light may also affect your energy levels and sleep patterns. Blue-light-blocking glasses may help alleviate tiredness and fatigue and boost your energy levels. Wearing them for a few hours at night may make it easier to fall asleep and sleep deeply.

However, blue-light-blocking glasses aren’t effective for everyone, so you may want to look into other ways to protect your eyes.

Can blue-light-blocking glasses damage your eyes?

Blue-light-blocking glasses don’t damage your eyes. However, it’s important to take other steps to prevent eyestrain instead of relying solely on blue-light-blocking glasses.

When should I wear blue light glasses?

Wear blue light glasses anytime you’re exposed to blue light for an extended period. This includes blue light exposure from indoor lighting, a screen, or a television. You can also wear blue light glasses when you’re outside in the daytime.

There are tons of great stylish and affordable options for blue light glasses. To get started, follow our tips and recommendations for finding a pair that fits both your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Note that while some people report that blue light glasses decrease their symptoms of discomfort when working in front of a screen for an extended period, more studies are needed to determine if these glasses can actually protect your eyes or offer other eye health benefits.

In addition, research has not yet confirmed whether blue light is harmful.

Wear prescription glasses? Talk with your eye doctor for more insight on blue light technology and whether your prescription is compatible.