Getting motivated to exercise can be every bit as difficult as doing the exercises themselves. If you’re like a lot of people, the heaviest weight you lift is the guilt you carry when know you should exercise but you just don’t want to.

There’s an exercise movement afoot that can get you on your feet as well as make you smile.

Zumba is a dance workout that combines the feel-good rhythms of Latin dance with aerobics and interval training. It’s a fun, high-energy workout you can do alone at home or in a room full of people of all ages and abilities.

To get started at home, by yourself or with friends, check out these Zumba videos. They will inspire you to get on your feet and move to the beat.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Ask first. Zumba provides a strong cardio workout with plenty of muscle stretching and bending moves. As with all exercise, check with your doctor if you’ve got any conditions that might be compromised by a new workout.
  • Start slow. A Zumba workout room is a fun place to be, but don’t overdo it. You’re not auditioning to be Lady Gaga’s backup dancer.
  • Listen to the music and your body. If you experience aches and pains that get in the way of having a good time while you’re doing Zumba or afterwards, tone down your workout until you’ve built up strength.

Not Ready to Go Public Yet?


The Internet is teeming with helpful Zumba videos. If you’d rather start your Zumba experience at home before you join a class, tune into Guide to Basic Zumba Fitness Steps. Instructor Donna Giffen leads you through the international rhythms that make Zumba fun and easy to do. Learn her version of the basic steps for merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, and more. You’ll be having so much fun you might not even notice that you’re firming up your abs.



Not surprisingly, Zumba has its own YouTube channel. In Get the Moves! Easy Step Breakdown, Armando Salcedo is smooth as silk as he slides through steps like the tap-and-pull, half-moon step, arm circle, and cross tap. You’ll soon find yourself following Salcedo’s moves and the video’s easy instructions. 

The Latest Zumba Craze


The Colombian national soccer team launched the salsa choke craze when the team spontaneously burst into dance to celebrate goals in the 2014 World Cup. If you’d feel more inspired by dancers who aren’t professional athletes, check out Zumba Gold’s salsa choke routine. And check out the happy ladies in this video by Sage Dance Fitness, further proof that you can’t Zumba without smiling. ­­­­

Learn From the Pros


When you’re ready to ramp up your Zumba routine, you’ll find plenty of video instruction. Zumba Dance Workout For Advanced will show you a great group session that seamlessly integrates several dance styles to a lively beat. Sean Paul provides the soundtrack to this impressive dance routine led by Guillaume Lorentz. You’ll love watching Lorentz and his lively team execute these dance moves. Copy their fancy footwork and you’re on your way!

Zumba for Couch Potatoes


Zumba is a sensation around the world, but you can’t Zumba around the clock. Sometimes you just want to hang back and let someone else do the dancing. Check out  the infectious style of this French Zumba team as they rock out in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Casablanca, Morocco, or watch this flash mob in Hamburg.