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Levitra, known by the generic name vardenafil hydrochloride, is an erectile dysfunction (ED) medication first manufactured by the German company Bayer Pharmaceuticals in 2003 as a competitor to Viagra (sildenafil citrate).

Levitra is taken orally and used to treat similar symptoms as other common ED medications like Cialis and Viagra. The basic cost of Levitra is approximately:

  • Brand name: $633 to $1,623 for ten to thirty 10 mg tablets
  • Generic: $390 to $450 for ten 10 mg tablets

But your out-of-pocket cost for Levitra may depend on a few different factors that can drop these costs significantly, such as:

  • how many pills or tablets you get at once
  • the dosage of the tablets (typically around 10 mg)
  • your insurance coverage
  • the pharmacy where you buy it
  • coupons or discount programs you use
  • whether it’s being used to treat a medical condition

And you may be able to get Levitra for a much lower cost through other subscription services that sell Levitra or its generic form. Many companies now offer coupons that you can use at popular pharmacies like CVS.

Read on to learn more about how much you can expect to pay for Levitra or its generic forms, how you can save some money on out-of-pocket costs, and what else you can try if you can’t afford Levitra or it isn’t working for you.

Generic Levitra is typically sold as vardenafil hydrochloride or just vardenafil. In some cases, generic forms of Levitra can be half the cost or more of the brand-name version.

Here’s a further breakdown of the typical costs of brand-name Levitra versus generic alternatives. Keep in mind that these costs aren’t necessarily what you’ll pay at the pharmacy.

NameSupplyCost per tabletOverall cost
Levitra (10 mg)30 tablets$54.09$1,622.70
Levitra (20 mg)6 tablets$64.25$385.50
Staxyn (10 mg)40 tablets$33.82$1,352.80
Vardenafil (2.5 mg)30 tablets$39.21 – $41.42$1,176.30 – $1,242.60
Vardenafil (5 mg)30 tablets$17$510

How generics and brand-name Levitra differ

Vardenafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor similar to other ED medication like Cialis and Viagra. This means that it helps stop your body from making an enzyme called PDE5, which is partly responsible for ED.

Both brand-name and generic vardenafil are PDE5 inhibitors with no major differences in how they work, how long they take to work, or what ingredients are used. Generic vardenafil will typically give you the same results as taking Levitra.

The only difference you may notice is the dosage. This can make a big difference in how the medication affects you, from how long to wait before sex to how long it takes for the effects to wear off.

While Levitra is usually prescribed in doses of 10 to 20 mg, generic vardenafil may be sold in tablets as small as 2.5 mg up to 20 mg.

It’s best not to take any form of vardenafil before you talk with your doctor. Both brand-name and generic Levitra may have noticeable side effects or last longer than desired if you take a dose that’s not ideal for your needs.

Your specific insurance coverage is the main factor in how much the brand-name or generic version will cost. But there are also many options for getting Levitra at a much lower price than what you may see advertised.

Here are some methods you can use to try lowering the cost you pay for Levitra at the pharmacy.


GoodRx is a medication coupon company that offers discounted pricing for numerous medications at big-box retail pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, Costco, and more.

Here’s the easiest way to use GoodRx to get Levitra cheaper:

  1. Download the GoodRx app on your mobile device.
  2. Search for Levitra or vardenafil in the app (or by condition, such as erectile dysfunction).
  3. Specify the medication form (oral tablet or otherwise), dosage, and number of tablets you’re buying.
  4. Share your location with the app so that you can check pricing at your local pharmacies.
  5. Look through the list of nearby pharmacies that can offer you discounted pricing on Levitra.

GoodRx pricing may vary based on your location and the store you choose. But you may be able to get up to 30 tablets at your prescribed dose for way less than the manufacturer price — sometimes $100 or less.


RxSaver is a prescription medication savings company that offers coupons for a variety of medications, including Levitra.

Customize your search criteria by dose, quantity, and your location to see pricing at major retailers near you.

Optum Perks

Healthcare company Optum offers discounts on Levitra and many other medications through its Perks program.

Similarly to GoodRx, Optum Perks allows you to search for coupons based on medication, dose, and location. Coupons can be used at many major retail pharmacies like Walmart, CVS, and Kroger.

ScriptSave WellRx

ScriptSave WellRx is another healthcare company offering a program that allows you to use a personalized discount card to get discounts on Levitra and other medications at major retail pharmacies.

This program uses your health insurance information to give you a printed or digital discount card that you can present when you pay for a medication for an applicable discount based on your location and the retailer.

Bayer Savings Card

Bayer, the company that originally introduced Levitra, offers a Bayer Savings Card that can give you discounted pricing on specific Bayer products.

The Bayer Savings Card doesn’t currently cover the cost of Levitra. But signing up for this card is free, and Bayer may add Levitra to its list of covered medications sometime in the future.

Patient assistance programs

Many companies offer assistance programs to help cover the costs of prescription medication if you fall into a low-income bracket.

RxAssist is one of the biggest and most popular databases for assistance programs. All you have to do is print the RxAssist savings card and present it when you pay for Levitra at the pharmacy to get any applicable discount.

NeedyMed is another database for assistance programs that can help you find discounts on Levitra that you’re eligible for. The site can also help guide you through applications and paperwork for medication assistance.

Your insurance will typically cover Levitra or a generic alternative if your doctor prescribes it to you to treat a diagnosed case of ED, premature ejaculation, or other symptoms related to ED.

But insurance plans may not cover Levitra or generic vardenafil that you purchase from a third-party website, even if the medication was prescribed to you by a licensed physician.

Levitra is not covered under Part D of Medicare, an optional Medicare benefit that can help cover the costs of eligible prescription medications.

Some generic forms of vardenafil are covered under Part D. Generic versions of other popular ED medications like Viagra are also covered to some extent under Part D.

Levitra is just one of several PDE5 inhibitors you can try to treat ED symptoms.

Here’s a breakdown of how Levitra compares to several other popular alternatives, including the dose they come in and how long you can expect them to work once you take them. Note: When used for ED, these medications should only be taken once per day.

Genericsildenafiltadalafilvardenafil avanafil
How it’s takenoraloraloraloral
Doses available25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg
Typical dose50 mg10 mg (as needed); 2.5 mg (daily)10 mg; 5 mg (65+ years old)100 mg
When it’s taken for best results30-60 min. before sex30 min. before sex (as needed); every day at same time60 min. before sex100/200 mg: 15 min. before sex; 50 mg: 30 min. before sex
Duration4 hoursas long as 2.5 daysas long as 5 hours6 hours

Levitra can seem expensive, but you have plenty of options to help reduce the price you pay at the pharmacy by choosing generic alternatives, using manufacturer or retail coupons, or trying other ED medications.

Talk with your doctor before you start taking Levitra or any generic form of vardenafil. You may experience side effects or complications if you take the wrong dosage or take it at the wrong times.