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Penis sleeves, sheaths, and extenders — not sure where to start?

These devices are all often called sleeves, though they have a few unique differences. The one thing they all have in common is that they all all slide over the penis for the sake of sexual pleasure.

In this article, we explain the differences between these devices and then rounded up the best sleeves, sheaths, and extenders and divided them up by their various uses.

Before we go deeper, here’s the difference between all three types of devices, which we’re going to call sleeves:

  • Sleeve: covers the penis shaft only
  • Sheath: covers the entire penis from tip to base
  • Extender: covers the entire penis and then some, with extra material to elongate the penis

To pick the best of the best, we tapped some experts for their penis sleeve picks based on:

  • Materials: We’ve chosen sleeves that are made of silicone, elastomer, or other materials that can be easily cleaned and sterilized before and after use.
  • Cost: We’ve provided a wide range of price points depending on your needs and tastes, from simple devices that cost $20 to specialized, custom-made sleeves that can cost up to $600 or more.
  • User reviews: We’ve chosen sleeves that have overwhelmingly positive reviews and few to no concerns about safety or defects.
  • Features: We’ve selected sleeves with a variety of features for your specific needs, whether you’re looking for length, girth, sensation, or cool extras like vibration or remote control.
  • Effectiveness: While research is still investigating how effective sleeves are for ED or sexual pleasure, we’ve chosen sleeves that align with the best research out there about sleeves.

Pros of penis sleeves

  • available without a prescription
  • easy to get online or in sex toy shops
  • sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and at various prices
  • can improve your sex life
  • unlikely to come with health risks or side effects

Cons of penis sleeves

  • can be annoying to use in the moment
  • can be expensive
  • may require research and trial and error to find the one you like best
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  • $ = under $30
  • $$ = $31–$100
  • $$$ = over $100

Keep in mind that we didn’t take shipping costs into account, which can add to the total cost.

While pricing is accurate at the time of publication, prices may fluctuate over time or depending on where you purchase the sleeve.

Research from 2017 suggests that penis sleeves are an effective option for helping with erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re looking for a sleeve made specifically for ED, you have options.

RX Sleeve

  • Price: $$$
  • Materials: medical-grade silicone
  • Best for: people with a penis who experience ED and want a sleeve to help with penetrative sex

RX Sleeve makes realistic penis sleeves for people with ED that come in unique life-like shapes and external sizes for a customizable fit.

They’re made of skin-safe silicone in three different color tones. They come in two different firmness levels to accommodate people who can maintain an erection and those who can’t. They also take custom orders.

The sleeves are attached to an adjustable harness that keeps it in place during penetrative sex.

These sleeves can be costly, ranging from $425 to $690. You can also build your own custom RX Sleeve for $3,950.

The Elator

  • Price: $$$
  • Materials: silicone, stainless steel, and medical-grade plastic
  • Best for: people with ED who have difficulty getting an erection, people with Peyronie’s disease

The Elator is an external penile support device for people with ED, ranging in price from $298 to $348. The helps people have have penetrative sex without an erection.

Unlike a traditional sleeve that covers the entire penis, this device is made of two thin rods that run along the underside of the shaft and two flexible rings. One ring goes around the base of the shaft and the other just under the head.

With this device, the entire penis is exposed for all the sensations of sexual pleasure.

The Elator can also help with Peyronie’s disease because it can reduce the impact of penile curvature.

If you’re experiencing premature ejaculation (PE) — which many people with a penis do at some point — a sleeve may help in a couple of ways.

  • can be used as a tool to help you “train” yourself to last longer
  • can be incorporated as a masturbation sleeve into partner play by having your partner stimulate you almost to the point of orgasm
  • can be worn during penetration to downplay the sensation you’d get from going without one

Holster Silicone PPA Extender

  • Price: $$$
  • Materials: medical-grade silicone
  • Best for: people who experience PE who want to reduce sensations and last longer before ejaculation

Carol Queen, PhD — Good Vibrations sexologist and co-author of “The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone” — recommends the Holster, which sells for about $154.

“Most sleeves have internal nubs, waves, and so forth to better stimulate,” Queen explains. “If someone comes faster than they desire to, they need the smoothest sleeve. For us, that’s the Holster.”

For penetrative sex, the Holster adds girth and texture for your partner. But the inside is smooth and hollow, designed to be used whether you have an erection or not. This makes it an option for those with ED, too.

A stretchy hole for the testicles keeps the sleeve in place during play.

Satisfyer Men One

  • Price: $$
  • Materials: medical-grade silicone material that the manufacturer calls cyberskin
  • Best for: people who want to do solo play with a variety of sensations and textures

Megwyn White, certified clinical sexologist and director of education for Satisfyer, recommends the Men One — which is available for about $57.

One of the perks of this masturbator is that you can use it with any of Satisfyer’s interchangeable pleasure sleeves. Available for about $25 each, White says these sleeves can help exercise the muscles in the penis that are especially helpful for edging.

An internal pressure regulator creates a varying suction effect. The pump feature lets you adjust the tightness as you please.

Did we mention the 15-year guarantee?

These are sleeves of the extender variety that give you an extra inch or more if deep penetration is what you’re after.

The picks below come from sociologist and clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, PhD, of The Sex Toy Collective.

Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve

  • Price: $
  • Materials: silicone
  • Who it’s best for: people on a budget who want to add an extra inch for deeper penetration

The Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve adds an extra inch to the wearer’s length for about $25. It has a comfy loop that fits around the balls so that it stays put while you play.

The silicone material is body-safe and flexible, but tight enough for the user to enjoy the sensation and keep their erection — something Melancon says can be a challenge with sleeves.

Melancon also warns that this sleeve can be challenging to put on. But once you do, “the experience is worth it.”

CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis Extender

  • Price: $
  • Materials: silicone
  • Who it’s best for: people who want to add length while leaving some skin exposed for added pleasure

Available at $27, this curved sheath adds two inches to your length and has a slightly curved tip for extra stimulation — and can even give your partner some G-spot or A-spot action.

This extender features a mesh sleeve for extra contact and a scrotum ring for support. It’s made of a smooth and flexible silicone.

Size doesn’t matter. But we do get that extra length and girth can provide more stimulation for your partner. Plus, some people just want it all.

Doc Johnson OptiMALE PPA Extender

  • Price: $
  • Materials: medical-grade silicone
  • Best for: people who want to add both length and girth while also having texture for added pleasure

Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations likes the OptiMALE because it’s “soft and stretchy, so it’s comfy and pleasure-enhancing for both the wearer and their partner.”

A textured interior makes for added stimulation for the wearer. The firm tip makes insertion easier.

And this extender is 6.5 inches long — 5 of which are insertable — with an extra 2 inches of girth.

It’s made of body-safe silicone that has enough stretch to accommodate a variety of penises.

It can also be enjoyed as a stroker when used without the scrotum loop.

Doc Johnson Ultimate Stud Enhancer

  • Price: $
  • Materials: elastomer rubber-type material that can be less sanitary and harder to clean than silicone
  • Best for: people who want extra length and girth while also introducing textures and accents that can add pleasure

The Ultimate Stud Enhancer is the studded version of the OptiMALE.

You get the same extra length and girth with even more sensation because of the ribbed internal chamber, studded exterior, and super-accentuated head.

Extra sensation is often a good thing when it comes to sex.

For people with ED, the extra sensation from a sleeve can go a long way — increasing pleasure and chance of orgasm without needing to be fully hard.

Added sensation can come from texture, vibration, or sucking action.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

  • Price: $$$
  • Materials: silicone and ABS plastic that’s considered safe for solo or partner play
  • Best for: those looking to reach orgasm without erection and have satisfying partner play without penetration

The Pulse Duo looks like a sexy silicone cannoli.

This sleeve is recommended by Christopher Ryan Jones, PsyD, clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and host of “Sex Therapy with Dr. Jones” because you can use it solo or with a partner. It can also help you achieve orgasm even without an erection.

Two independent motors deliver powerful vibrations, stimulating the wearer from inside with equally intense vibrations at the base for a partner.

A wireless remote allows for hands-free fun to add extra sensation to solo play, dry humping, and other types of sex and foreplay.

Satisfyer Men Vibration

  • Price: $$
  • Materials: silicone and ABS plastic
  • Who it’s best for: people seeking solo play with the sensation of oral sex

Dr. Megwyn White of Satisfyer recommends using this as a vibrating tool to bring new sensations into the penis and strengthen sensate awareness.

Thanks to the wide opening, you can use it on a penis that isn’t erect.

Its two powerful motors and internal wave-like structure focus the sensation on the head.

You can even try this sleeve underwater for extra pleasure.

Other perks include 14 vibration programs with three intensities and eight rhythms — plus Satisfyer’s 15-year guarantee.

Penetrative sex with a sleeve is only as good as the harness supporting the sleeve.

A harness helps a strap-on stay in place, making insertion easier and more comfortable for all involved.

Doc Johnson Body Extensions BE Ready

  • Price: $$$
  • Materials: silicone
  • Best for: people who want to experiment with different positions and lengths while keeping equipment secure

Melancon recommends the BE Ready extension for people who have ED or difficulty with penetration but still want to give their partner pleasure.

This extension gives you a premium silicone and elastic harness with nickel-free hardware and three hollow sleeves in different styles:

  • 7 inches with a bulbed head
  • 7.5 inches slim
  • 8 inches large

The harness accommodates waists from 28 to 48 inches. Each piece is hypoallergenic, nonporous, phthalate-free, and body-safe.

A small budget doesn’t mean you’re stuck with low quality sex aids.

Plenty of reputable brands make budget-friendly sleeves to meet your needs and wants.

Tenga Flex

  • Price: $$
  • Materials: elastomer
  • Who it’s best for: people on a budget who want sensational textures and a design that allows for a lot of experimentation

“Tenga makes some fancy sleeves,” says Queen. “And aside from their one-time use version, this one is the most wallet-friendly.”

The Tenga Flex is a masturbation sleeve with a cool and discreet design that’s made to be gripped and twisted to make the most of its textured and nubby interior.

Made from elastomer, it’s flexible and squeezable in a wide variety of ways. But be sure to clean it with soap and water between each use.

SleeveMaterialsBest forWhy it’s the best
RX SleeveSiliconePeople with EDResembles a human penis, easy to clean
The ElatorSilicone, stainless steel, medical-grade plasticPeople with ED or Peyronie’s diseaseMade with safe materials and stays on securely during sex
Holster Silicone PPA ExtenderSiliconePeople who have PE or want to reduce sensationTextured on outside for partner pleasure but smooth on inside for less sensation
Satisfyer Men OneProprietary silicone “cyberskin”People who want to help control their response to sensationsAffordable and compatible with many accessories with different textures
Lovehoney Clear Penis SleeveSiliconePeople with ED or Peyronie’s who want extra lengthAffordable and firm enough for people with ED or Peyronie’s
CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis ExtenderSiliconePeople who want extra length but more sensationAffordable while allowing sensation and a unique curved tip
Doc Johnson OptiMALE PPA ExtenderSiliconePeople who want extra length and girth with safe materialsAffordable and resembles a penis to pleasure both you and your partner
Doc Johnson Ultimate Stud EnhancerElastomer rubber-like materialPeople who want length and girth as well as added sensationAffordable with exaggerated texture for extra pleasure
Hot Octopuss Pulse DuoSilicone and ABS plasticPeople with ED who may want to orgasm with getting erectAllows people with ED or other sexual dysfunctions to please themselves or their partner
Satisfyer Men VibrationSilicone and ABS plasticPeople who want to do solo play with realistic sensationsAllows people with ED or PE to experiment solo without sacrificing sensation
Doc Johnson Body Extensions Be ReadySilicone and hypoallergenic elasticPeople who want a firm and secure sleeve for a variety of positionsResembles a penis and stays strapped on tight for all sorts of activities
Tenga FlexElastomer rubber-like materialPeople on a budget who want textured surfaces for strong sensationsAffordable and discreet while able to be used for many different types of solo or partner play

Keep these things in mind when making your choice:

  • Materials: Comfort and safety are important! Avoid materials that you’re allergic to or not familiar with.
  • Function: Are you using it to help with erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), or simply for pleasure’s sake?
  • Cost: Most penis sleeves cost between $20 and $200. But sleeves made specifically for ED can cost up to $600 or more.

How much do penis sleeves cost?

Penis sleeves typically range in cost from $20 to $200. But those made specifically for ED can cost up to $600 or more. Research the type of sleeve that’s right for your needs and try to buy at a price point that works for your budget.

Are penis sleeves safe?

Penis sleeves are safe for use during solo sex and sex with your partner. Sleeves made purely of silicone material are easy to clean and don’t have pores or textured surfaces that can contain bacteria.

Are penis sleeves recommended by physicians?

While they are known to be safe to use during sex, penis sleeves are not typically recommended by physicians. These are a relatively new therapy, which physicians would likely support as long as they continue to be used to promote a healthy and active sex life.

However, there are no medical data or studies to suggest safety, effectiveness or satisfaction for patients.

Are penis sleeves effective?

There’s limited scientific research available on the effectiveness of penis sleeves. A scientific review from 2019 noted that penis sleeves and other devices assist in prolonging penetrative sex for men with ED and their partners.

What are my other options?

If you’re experiencing ED or find that using a penis sleeve is not providing the results you’d like, you can discuss your symptoms with your doctor. There are lifestyle modifications you can make to improve ED, and you can also check out potential medication options if you’d like to go that route.

Penis sleeves offer a plethora of possibilities for pleasure during solo or partner sex. They can be an invaluable tool for people with erectile dysfunction, too.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.