Having endometriosis means living with pain that no one else can see or even begin to understand. Dealing with the discomfort requires a good doctor, a supportive network, and a robust sense of humor.

1. If one more person tells you that pain during your periods is normal, you will scream. Being doubled over each month IS NOT NORMAL.

2. You know every primary care doctor, reproductive specialist, and gastrointestinal specialist in your area. It takes a village to diagnose and treat your condition.

3. You thought you were crazy until your doctor gave your pain a name.

4. You have your gynecologist on speed dial.

5. To get relief, you have to put up with hormonal drug side effects like hot flashes, mood swings, and chin hairs.

6. There’s nothing like having to tell the guy you’ve just started dating that sex might be too painful for you to contemplate

7. You have a closet full of roomy tops and yoga pants.

8. Every time you try a new treatment and the pain goes away, you have a mini celebration. Then it comes back.

9. You can’t wait for menopause to arrive.