If your child has eczema, it’s likely atopic dermatitis (AD). AD is a common condition that makes the skin inflamed and irritated. It affects at least 15% of children worldwide.

Skin is itchy during an eczema flare. Many children want to scratch, but if they do, the itching sensation gets worse, and they tend to scratch more. This cycle increases the risk of infection and makes life harder for kids, who may have disrupted sleep because of the itching.

Keeping your child distracted with activities and keeping their hands busy can help them think less about the itch and stop scratching. Here are some activities you can try to keep attention away from irritated skin.

Eczema is a common childhood condition.

The itch-scratch cycle can make flares worse and increase the chances of infection. Keeping your child distracted with activities can stop their desire to scratch and help to manage eczema flares.