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Eating disorders affect people of all ages, from children and teenagers, to parents and grandparents. They include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and more. Even if you have never experienced an eating disorder yourself, you probably know someone who has.

It’s estimated that 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of them will seek treatment.

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Although the battle to overcome an eating disorder isn’t easy, it is doable with time and expert support. These 16 blogs each offer their own wonderful resources for those suffering from eating disorders, as well as for their family, friends, and community.

Adios Barbie

“Adios Barbie” is an interesting and inspiring resource for body image issues, and focuses quite a bit on eating disorders and how they affect people, particularly women. The site, which has been around since 1998, features many different bloggers with many different perspectives. You can even apply to write for them yourself! One of the best things about “Adios Barbie” is the positive and encouraging tone, focusing on motivating everyone to love their body and be kind to themselves.

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And Then She Recovered

Formerly known as “And Then She Disappeared,” this blog is a triumphant ode to recovery, written by Ireland-based Ruby, who is incredibly open about her struggles with addiction and eating disorders. She’s been in recovery for 14 years, but maintains this deeply personal blog to inspire and support others. Ruby’s poetic style of writing and honest confessions will help anyone looking to connect with a fellow sufferer of anorexia or bulimia.

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BEDA’s Blog

On their blog, the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) sheds light on binge eating disorder (BED), a lesser known but still common eating disorder. A series of posts about lap band surgery share space with tips and advice for people dealing with binge eating disorder, from clinicians as well as people who have BED themselves.

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Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder?

Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld is a clinical psychologist who turned her popular blog into a book in 2014. Dr. Rosenfeld believes that the vast majority of people who identify as women have some kind of disordered relationship with food, varying from minor insecurities to full-blown eating disorders. Her blog features personal experiences, cultural observations, interviews with women who have or have had eating disorders like anorexia, and more.

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Eating Disorder Blogs

This powerful, community-based blog is a great resource for those looking to learn a lot in one place, with personal posts on many topics from all kinds of people, including recovered eating disorder survivors, caregivers, medical providers, and more. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other eating disorders are all covered, and there’s also a “Therapist Corner” feature where people can learn about treatments from a therapist perspective. You can also catch up on book reviews and current research.

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Eating Disorders Coalition Advocacy Updates

The Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) is an organization that joins people who are concerned about eating disorders as a public health issue. Their blog is a resource for advocates, which can include lobbyists, families, doctors, and more. This is an outstanding venue for learning more about the work being done to promote eating disorder awareness in the United States, with information on lobbying, letter writing, and other ways for citizens to reach lawmakers.

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Eating Disorder Hope

“Eating Disorder Hope” is a comprehensive blog that does just what it says — provides hope to people who have eating disorders, as well as the people who love and care for them. Founded by Jacquelyn Ekern, a therapist who battled her own eating disorder, the blog features personal stories, information on the latest research, and other news and developments in the world of eating disorders. It’s a terrific mix of opinion and evidence-based information.

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Eating Disorder Recovery for Women

Joanna Poppink is a therapist based in Los Angeles who specializes in eating disorder recovery for adult women. Her blog features articles that are geared toward both people who are suffering from eating disorders and their family and friends. This is a great place to get some specialized inspirational advice — like how to focus on helping yourself instead of worrying about other people’s opinions, how to get through food-focused holidays without being overtaken by your eating disorder, and more.

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The Emily Program Blog

The Emily Program is devoted to eliminating eating disorders. Their blog features a diverse array of truly exceptional resources, including guided meditation and yoga sequences, personal stories from people in recovery, and even a popular advice column. Eating disorder experts, including the program's leadership team, are frequent contributors to the blog, offering informed perspectives on a wide variety of related issues.

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Forever Going Forward

Claire is a 17-year-old high school student who is chronicling her battle with anorexia with powerful writing and amazing video blogs. Her posts are raw and emotional monologues about what it feels like to live with an eating disorder, and include advice for other teenagers going through similar struggles, as well as for their parents and other people around them. She also features guest bloggers who have perspectives both different and complementary.

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Kartini Clinic’s Eating Disorder Blog

Kartini Clinic’s blog supports the children and families being treated by this renowned clinic in Portland, but it’s a phenomenal resource for anyone who wants to learn more about eating disorders and healthy eating. Dr. Julie O’Toole founded Kartini and she posts often on the blog, sharing tidbits about her practice as well as other information.

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Laura’s Soapbox

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh is a fierce activist as well as the mother of a daughter who once had an eating disorder. Even though her child has overcome her anorexia nervosa, Lyster-Mensh is still offering up her opinions on charities and organizations that support people with anorexia and other eating disorders. She writes passionately about the effects that society and pop culture have in fostering negative body image and eating disorders. For a committed perspective on diverse topics, this blog is always a great read.

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Make Peace with Food

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin’s blog is all about “winning the diet war” and healing unhealthy relationships with food. As the survivor of an eating disorder herself, she focuses on giving people the tools they need to understand and overcome any damaging ideas and behaviors related to eating. “Make Peace with Food” features personal stories from many of the people who Dr. Savelle-Rocklin has helped, as well as thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. The focus here is on self-love and healthy recovery!

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NEDA’s Blog

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) blog is, simply put, an excellent resource, with posts written by psychologists, NEDA staff members, and more. From tips on how to get through the holidays to how to bring up your eating disorder when you’re seeing someone, it’s a one-stop shop for actionable, hopeful, and concrete information.

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Running with Spoons

Blogger Amanda is brave and bitingly honest when it comes to healthy living and life after overcoming an eating disorder. With amazing recipes appearing alongside personal posts, this blog is a great resource for those who are looking to cultivate a healthy relationship with food through cooking and appreciating good, home-cooked meals.

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Surviving ED

This is the eating disorder blog of Healthy Place, a national website devoted to mental health. The main writer, Z Zoccolante, is an actress and author who dealt with anorexia and bulimia in her youth. There are several other bloggers, too, who post on their own personal experiences with recovery, dieting, body image, and more. The broad topics here will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about getting help for an eating disorder.

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