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Discount Contacts, or, is an online retailer known for having a wide selection of brands. They claim to be easier on the wallet than their competitors in the online contact lens space.

Find out more about their offerings and the pros and cons of ordering your lenses from them.

This online retailer offers over 40 brands of contact lenses, as well as a large range of solutions, cases, vitamins, supplements, and dry eye treatments.

The company claims to have lower prices, and more transparent pricing overall, in comparison to other sites.

Discount Contacts pros and cons

Customers with a valid prescription of any strength can browse a wide array of brands and contact lens types, including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, and CooperVision.

In addition to the usual selection of disposable lenses, including dailies, weeklies, and monthlies, Discount Contacts offers specialty lenses, such as:

In the site’s “Eye Care” section, they offer red eye and dry eye treatments, skin care, solutions, and other eye care products.

Though they don’t offer eyeglasses, they do provide a link to their sister site,

Price will really depend on both the brand and the type of contact lenses you need.

Dailies are typically higher than monthlies, but that doesn’t take the cost of solution and storage cases into account. A typical box of dailies (which includes 30 lenses) can range from $30 to $45. Some specialty lenses can run even higher than that.

They have a policy of showing the prices at the top of the page without any hidden fees. They offer free shipping on all orders over $99, so it pays to order in bulk.

Does Discount Contacts take insurance?

Discount Contacts is an out-of-network provider for most insurance plans, but you can fill out the provided reimbursement form to submit to your insurance.

Remember that if you have one, you can also use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) toward the purchase of your contacts.

Before you search online, you’ll want to visit with your doctor or eye care professional for an updated prescription and to find the best contact lens fit for your eyes.

Discount Contacts has straightforward navigation that you can use to drill down to the brand and type of lens you’re looking for. Each product page has a description of the product, plus reviews and ratings from customers.

From there you can choose how much supply you want — a 1-, 3-, or 6-month supply — prior to flowing through their checkout. You can add your prescription or ask them to contact your doctor for your prescription on your behalf.

A physical copy of your prescription can speed up the ordering process but isn’t entirely necessary. The customer service team can contact your doctor for you, but you’ll need to have that contact information handy.

By law, you will have to order the brand of contact lenses that your doctor wrote on your prescription, but if that brand has a generic alternative, the Discount Contacts customer service team may help you locate it.

You’ll also want to visit your doctor or eye care professional regularly to maintain the health of your eyes and keep your prescription current.

According to the company, 98 percent of all U.S. orders arrive within 7 to 10 days. You can track the status of your order by logging into your account dashboard. Most customers reported a quick, reliable shipping experience. claims one of the friendliest return policies in the online optical industry, and customer reviews on the site back this up.

Customers can return items up to 365 days from the ship date, with a no-nonsense returns process.

Contact the customer service team, who will issue a free return shipping label. Within 5 days of receiving, they’ll credit the original account or send a replacement, depending on the needs of the customer.

Many customers reported quick returns with no questions asked.

Generally, the company has a strong reputation with solid customer reviews. Though the reviews on the site itself should be taken with a grain of salt, people who left them had very positive things to say. Their Trustpilot rating was not quite as glowing, but still strong at 3.2.

On the positive end, customers reported lower prices than they were quoted at their eye doctor, fast delivery, and great customer service. On the negative side, some reviewers felt they had been sent defective contacts due to poor product performance.

From well-known retailers with a huge selection, such as 1-800 Contacts, to newcomers with proprietary brands such as Warby Parker, there are other retail options for ordering contacts online.

Those with vision insurance may want to check out Eyeconic, which accepts insurance from VSP, MetLife, and Cigna Vision.

And of course, you can always order contacts through your eye doctor and those contacts can typically be delivered to you via mail on a regular basis, too.

Generally, Discount Contacts is a comprehensive, no-fuss source for your contact lenses. If you’re looking for better, more transparent pricing and don’t care much about free shipping or working with your vision insurance, then could be a good way to go.

When ordering contact lenses online from any retailer, be sure to check that the product you receive is the right prescription, type, and that the packaging is intact.