Managing excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be difficult. It’s even harder to have to explain to people who aren’t informed about the condition.

Find comfort in knowing that other people are living with hyperhidrosis, and they understand the things you are going through.

1. You wear multiple layers of clothing no matter the temperature. You may need that third layer to soak up the sweat just in case.

2. You avoid white clothing at all costs, even if it’s the color of the season. White and hyperhidrosis are sworn enemies.

3. You have a particular fondness for prints. Your friends think you’re “fun” and “eclectic,” but your primary motive is to avoid obvious sweat marks (yes — that funky-shaped mark is just part of the print).

4. You constantly check your clothes in any mirror or reflective window you pass by. (No, you aren’t full of yourself, in case other people are wondering.)

5. You bring two or three changes of clothes with you (or perhaps even more). You don’t know when excessive sweating will strike next, so you want to be prepared.

6.You pick out the perfect outfit for the day, only to have to turn around and change as you’re heading out the door.

7. Well, there goes another favorite shirt in the garbage can.

8. No, there’s nothing wrong with wearing flip-flops, even if it’s below freezing outside. (Can’t they focus on their own footwear?)

9. You tend to take more time than others in the deodorant aisle. (Does this one contain both an antiperspirant and a deodorant? Will I like the scent? Is it clear so it won’t show up on my clothes?)

10. You never leave the house without a towel, tissues, and absorbent pads on hand.

11. You avoid handshakes at all costs. You don’t mean to appear rude, but you’d be mortified if you exchanged sweat and a friendly greeting at the same time. A smile and a wave of your hand will have to do.

12. You prefer to stay home alone during an extreme sweat episode. (Of course, you’ll miss your friends! You wish they wouldn’t think you’re shrugging them off.)

13. Sometimes depression sets in. If you keep missing social events and activities that you normally enjoy because you’re scared of sweating, it’s hard not to feel down about life.

14. Your loved ones think you worry too much. If only they knew all the energy it takes to prepare for your daily battles against sweating!

15. People at work or school might think you lack ambition. The truth is you care about your work — you’re also ambitious about hiding your sweat so that it won’t be the focus of your annual review.

16. You feel that all eyes are on you. (Oh my gosh, am I sweating?) But then you look around and realize that people are more focused on their smartphones.

17. Extreme nausea hits when it’s your turn to give a presentation at work or school. You may have worried about this moment for weeks or even months.

18. You refuse to raise your hand in class or during a meeting. Why draw unnecessary attention to yourself?

19. You need to invest in another keyboard — the letters are starting to wear out again. (And you hope you’ll get one at work without having to bring this to anyone’s attention.)

20. The simplest things become tricky, like opening doors, using tools, and holding on to anything else you have to grab.

21. How in the world did the paper you’re working on get wet? Let’s just blame it on condensation from your water bottle and promise to be more careful in the future.

22. You may need to see your doctor yet again for another skin infection.

23. You’re constantly tired. You’re not only tired from your medications, but you’re tired from stressing and worrying so much.