Patient Voices Winners 2012

Written by the Healthline Editorial Team on April 24, 2018
2012 Patient Voices Winners

In Spring 2012, DiabetesMine put out a call for patients everywhere to submit 2-3 minute video testimonials about the biggest challenges people face in their diabetes care, and how they would present those concerns to experts.

The 10 top entrants were selected to receive an “e-Patient Scholarship” to attend our 2012 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit that took place at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, on Nov. 16, 2012.

Our winners acted as “delegates” for the patient community, expressing our needs and desires to the Powers That Be: Pharma R&D and marketing executives, human interaction designers, entrepreneurs, physicians, regulatory experts, investors, health gaming developers, technology gurus and experts in mobile health platforms.

We were looking for 10 good e-Patients…who could tell it like it is:
  • Explain the biggest challenges in life with diabetes
  • Describe what’s good and bad about current diabetes tools
  • Dream big about what the future could bring
  • Inspire designers & vendors to best serve PWDs and their caregivers

Here is the exciting video that resulted from the 2012 contest:


And here is the video we created as a call for submissions:

Each winner also received an iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the first meter to directly connect to an iPhone* or iPod touch*! This exciting new product was introduced to the market as of May 1, 2012.

Our 2012 Winners:

Appearing here in alphabetical order – click on each name to view their winning video

  • Jana Beck, who created a visually interesting video that calls for better integration and feedback from our existing D-tools.

  • Shara Bialo, who’s completing her medical residency in pediatrics, and talks about retractable pump tubing (also an idea from a past Design Challenge), and waxes wise on making products “as flexible and modifiable as possible” (!)

  • Julie Cabinaw, who is a user experience director as well as a PWD, and talks about device standardization, integration, and creating a “personal health cloud.”

  • Sara “Knicks”, a beloved fellow D-blogger who makes the point that “diabetes is personal”!

  • Sara Krugman, whose animated video calls for improved connection between the technologies, and between services, doctors, products and institutions.

  • Tom Ley, a blind gentleman who presents the pressing issue of “Access Denied” for PWDs who have lost their sight.

  • Ivoni Nash, a type 2 diabetes educator in Utah concentrating on the needs of the Pacific Islander community.

  • Kathleen Peterson, who was part of the Artificial Pancreas clinical trial (!) and is working toward her PhD. She too highlights device integration, durability, and flexible tubing and form factors for pumps.

  • Sara Vazquez, a college student and research assistant at Joslin Diabetes Center who encourages vendors to “think small” in diabetes care.

  • Dave Weingard, who many of us know and love as founder of the Fit4D diabetes coaching program; he makes the indispensable comparison to the Information Technology industry, and also talks about the need for “scalable patient programs.”

Give them all a view — and then a hand, please!

* iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Written by the Healthline Editorial Team on April 24, 2018