Over 29 million people in the United States alone have diabetes. And each year, 1.4 million more people are diagnosed.

Some people with diabetes are getting tattoos to raise awareness, empower themselves and others, or commemorate their experience with the condition in some way. Here at Healthline, we can’t get enough of their inspiring stories told through body art.

Do you have a tattoo inspired by your experience with diabetes? Share it with us at nominations@healthline.com with the subject line “My Diabetes Tattoo.” It could be featured on Healthline and shared with our community!

In your submission email, please include:

  1. a clear photo of your tattoo (the larger and clearer the photo, the better!)
  2. a short description of what your tattoo means to you and/or the story behind it
  3. whether you’d like your name to be included with your submission