When someone in your household is diagnosed with diabetes, life changes for everyone. One of the more difficult adjustments occurs in the kitchen, where meals must now be prepared with their potential blood sugar effects always at the top of your mind.

Whether you’re the cook or the one with diabetes — or both — finding recipes that accommodate your dietary needs can cut meal prep frustration and boost mealtime enjoyment in a big way.

We’ve selected the top nine websites and tools that are making it easier to cook for diabetes. Check them out to find your next diabetes-friendly meal.

Carolyn Ketchum was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with her third child. That’s where her affinity for low-carb eating began, and it continues on All Day I Dream About Food today. She specializes in turning high-carb delights into low-carb recipes, proving you don’t have to go without your favorites just because you have diabetes.

There’s a lot of deliciousness to choose from, but we’re particularly enticed by Carolyn’s desserts, like her peanut butter Texas sheet cake. This one promises “perfect proportions of cake and frosting” with every bite!

Caroline Potter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 20, but that didn’t put a dent in her joy of cooking. Colorful Eats is a literal feast for your eyes, filled with enticing photography of some truly fantastic diabetes-friendly recipes.

We are having serious cravings for her chipotle roasted acorn squash with prosciutto and pomegranates. The name of the recipe might seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty easy to put together, not to mention gorgeous to look at.

If you’re a big fan of cooking from scratch, Diabetic Foodie is the place to go. Shelby Kinnaird was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1999, and she makes sure her recipes follow the guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association. She avoids processed ingredients and artificial sweeteners, opts for locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and tries to keep meal portions below 400 calories.

Many of her recipes are, or can be modified to be, gluten-free, paleo, and vegan. A perfect example of Shelby’s penchant for flavor and creativity is her pineapple black bean salsa, which she says “really shines with grilled pork tenderloin.”

Diabetic Gourmet magazine has been serving up tips and information about cooking with diabetes since 1995, and now boasts an enormous library of diabetes-friendly foods. From holiday recipes to regional and ethnic dishes, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

It’s hard to pick a favorite among so many contenders, but we are intrigued by one of their newer recipes, ginger and lemongrass turkey sliders. They’re served on lettuce leaves to slash carbs, and loaded with tremendously flavorful ingredients.

Available for Android from the Google Play store, Diabetic Recipes Free is an app that makes finding meal ideas a cinch. From breakfast to dessert, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits both your taste buds and dietary needs.

Sift through a diverse array of delicious recipes, create shopping lists, and share your favorites with your friends!

Kathy Sheehan has been living with type 2 diabetes for over 16 years. Her experience in the kitchen certainly shows, considering the extensive number of blog entries and recipes on Diabetes Rejoice!

We love her desserts, which range from the ornate and complex to the ridiculously simple, like this one-minute chocolate mug cake, which uses nut butter instead of nonwheat flour options like almond flour, to ensure that the finished product is perfectly moist instead of grainy and dry.

If you’re in dire need of curry, dhal, or chutney, and need it to be diabetes-friendly, Gita’s Kitchen is a treasure trove. The writer behind it, Gita Jaishankar, combines traditional flavors and techniques with diabetic common sense.

There are numerous traditional dishes to choose from, but this channa masala tops our list. What makes it different from a regular channa masala is its use of cilantro to obtain the bright green color. Gita says getting a photo of the dish was tricky because most of the food was “devoured by my husband and me before I had a chance.”

Beth Velatini, or Biz, is well-equipped to share the ins and outs of eating well when you’re living with type 2 diabetes, because she has type 2 diabetes herself. On My Bizzy Kitchen, she combines a reflective (and humorous!) personal tone with some really tasty recipes.

When it comes to volume and variety of recipes, you’ll find no shortage here. Biz has diabetes-friendly recipes for everything from barbeque ribs, to cauliflower mac and cheese, to pistachio gelato. Among our favorites is her sweet potato and black bean chili. With an added can of chipotle peppers, Biz says this hearty meal brings a “perfect balance of sweet and heat.”

Mike and Jessica Apple are a married couple who both have type 1 diabetes. A Sweet Life is their online magazine that offers tips, news, and recipes that can help other people with diabetes manage their condition and live an overall healthy lifestyle. They also feature a wonderful array of recipes from other writers and chefs, often paired with enticing photos.

One recipe that we can’t get enough of is their lemon ricotta pancakes. Pancakes are an indulgence that many people with diabetes tend to steer clear of, but this version uses a sugar substitute, almond flour, and coconut flour to lessen the blood glucose impact. To ensure a smooth pancake batter, your blender is your best friend.