Diabetes may be relatively common, but that doesn’t make it any easier to live with. More than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, a disease that compromises the body’s ability to control the amount of sugar in the blood.

There are two common forms of the condition: type 1, which is believed to be an autoimmune condition, and type 2, which is preventable and caused by avoidable lifestyle factors.

No matter which type you’re diagnosed with, life with diabetes presents unique challenges and stressors. If you’re on Twitter, or even if you haven’t signed up yet, these accounts are all excellent resources for support, education, and a sense of community.

American Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Associationa

The American Diabetes Association is possibly the most well-known diabetes organization in the country. They support diabetes education and awareness, and raise money for research and treatment development. Their Twitter handle has a very active following, with more than 111,000 followers. We love their combination of informational and social tweets.

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Arden’s Day T1D

Parents raising kids with type 1 diabetes face unique challenges. Scott Benner, the dad behind Arden’s Day, knows this all too well. He began blogging about his experience as a type 1 dad in 2007, and this Twitter account followed. Here you’ll find links to his latest blog posts and updates to the Juicebox Podcast.

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Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is an online community made up of people living with type 1 diabetes or people who love someone who does. On their Twitter feed, they share inspirational memes, links to their latest articles, and more. You can use it to find others with type 1 diabetes or to find daily motivation and support.

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CDC Diabetes

If following the most reputable and reliable sources on Twitter is your thing, the CDC’s dedicated diabetes handle is a must! They share updates from their own agency, as well as statistics and infographics about diabetes in the United States, diabetes-friendly recipes, and the best diabetes content from the rest of the Twittersphere.

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Children with Diabetes

Many families with members that have type 1 diabetes struggle to get the support they need when a child is diagnosed. Children with Diabetes is one resource they can turn to. In addition to sharing news about important advocacy work, the account retweets some great information, helping families with type 1 diabetes stay connected with the most active, related accounts on Twitter.

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Diabetes Daily

Diabetes management isn’t only about testing your blood and taking diabetes medications. It’s a disease that’s managed with nearly every choice you make, from what you’ll eat for lunch, to how you spend that hour after dinnertime. We like Diabetes Daily because they don’t only offer the latest in diabetes news, but also practical advice on diet and exercise that can make managing your blood sugar that much easier.

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Diabetic Girl

The 18-year-old behind this Twitter handle has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2010. Here, she shares her personal experiences living with diabetes and talks about the challenges she faces as a teenager with a chronic condition. We love that her tweets range from humorous to heartfelt reflections. This is a great account for other teens with type 1 diabetes to follow.

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Diabetes Hands Foundation

Living with diabetes can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be — such is the premise behind the Diabetes Hands Foundation. This nonprofit works to connect and inspire people living with the disease. Their Twitter account is a mixture of personal stories and educational links. We love that they share direct and simple advice for common questions like, “How do I find a new endocrinologist?” and loads of delicious-looking recipes.

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Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health is a great resource to turn to for daily motivation and information, with news, podcasts, personal stories about living with diabetes, and more. For those looking for a daily activity, they even share crossword puzzles!

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Diabetes Research

Interested in reading the latest developments in the world of diabetes research? This account has you covered. Diabetes Research is a nonprofit dedicated to raising money and awareness to work toward a cure for diabetes. On their Twitter feed, they share news about their latest efforts, and you’ll learn about what’s going on with scientists and researchers to that end.

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Diabetes Self-Management

“Diabetes Self-Management” is a print magazine and website that helps people with diabetes better manage their disease and everything that goes with it. Their Twitter account is a great place to find the latest articles on everything from recipes and dietary advice to how you can be prepared for a medical emergency.

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Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is the leading diabetes organization in the U.K. With nearly 150,000 followers, you’ll be in good company if you start following their tweets. They share news, research, and advocacy work. We love that they often retweet their followers, sharing personal photographs and stories.

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As the name implies, DiabetesMine has a personal touch. Managed by its three contributors, Amy Tenderich, Mike Hoskins, and Rachel Kestetter, it’s an excellent resource for advice and the latest news, plus links to the latest blog posts on the DiabetesMine website.

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When a disease is as common as diabetes, research is ongoing and ever changing. DiabetesNews.com and their Twitter account work to stay ahead of the curve, keeping people informed about the most recent developments. If the science behind diabetes is of interest to you, this is a great account to follow.

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diaTribe is an online community and website geared toward all people who are living with or are interested in diabetes. They discuss education, awareness, and advocacy, plus share advice on their Twitter feed. You can also learn about the latest diabetes-related workshops and conferences. We like that they readily retweet useful information from other accounts too, making it easy to stay abreast of diabetes information in one spot.

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International Diabetes Federation

Based in Brussels, the International Diabetes Federation works to foster government support for diabetes research worldwide. Their Twitter account shares a wealth of worthwhile information on the impact of diabetes, including infographics and links to their articles and updates.

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JDRF is a long-standing organization that advocates for diabetes awareness and research, with a specific focus on type 1 diabetes. On Twitter, they host chats about diabetes research, share the latest in diabetes news, and provide unique and helpful information for the families affected by it.

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Kerri / Diabetes

Like most people with type 1 diabetes, Kerri Morrone Sparling was diagnosed when she was a child. Six years old, to be precise, hence the title of her blog, Six Until Me. On Twitter, Kerri shares links to her latest blog posts, plus news stories, tips, and even some music picks!

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MNT Diabetes News

Medical News Today is an excellent online source for the latest in medical news and research. On their dedicated diabetes feed, you’ll find breaking news from the research world: what the latest scientific studies are saying about diabetes, new developments in diabetes treatments and drug availability, and more.

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National Diabetes Education Program

The National Diabetes Education Program is a joint effort between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. As the name implies, they mostly share educational materials and articles, on everything from the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, to the latest research. More than anything, the NDEP shares actionable advice with each tweet.

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Susan G. Weiner, RD

Susan G. Weiner is a registered dietitian who specializes in diabetes advocacy. As a winner of the 2015 American Association of Diabetes Educators’ Diabetes Educator of the Year award, her Twitter feed is packed with great information about the dietary aspects of diabetes management, and she also shares the latest in diabetes news and research.

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World Diabetes Day

November 14 is World Diabetes Day, and while it only comes once a year, this Twitter account — headed up by the International Diabetes Foundation — provides relevant links and information every day. They share informative infographics, statistics, and news, as well as advice for how to manage your treatment.

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