If you live with diabetes, you probably tend to stick the same low-carb foods you know and love. They’re easy, safe, and have a lower impact on your blood sugar.

Monitoring your A1C levels gives you a bigger picture of how stable your sugars really are. If you’re looking to lower your levels, it might be time to add some new recipes to your weekly menu planning.

The following recipes offer delicious choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And these meals will help lower your A1C levels and keep you satisfied throughout your day. Let’s get cooking!

1. Homemade yogurt

Store-bought yogurt can be a complete sugar bomb. Instead, go for a cool and creamy treat that won’t leave your blood sugar skyrocketing by whipping up some homemade yogurt. You can make this version right on your stovetop, or use a pressure cooker to make it in a snap. Mix in some fruit or shredded coconut for a fun take on your morning meal. Get the recipe!

Note: If making yogurt isn’t something you see yourself doing, you can still purchase plain yogurt at the grocery store (that has no added sugar) and mix in your own fruit for taste.

2. Fruity quinoa porridge

With a lower glycemic index (GI) number than a normal bowl of oatmeal, quinoa is a hearty and satisfying way to fill up in the mornings. The nutty, chewy texture will mimic steel-cut oatmeal while contributing to lower A1C levels. You’ll also benefit from the extra protein that quinoa provides, which will help offset the spike in blood sugar. Get the recipe!

3. Sweet onion and ham frittata

With only six carbs, you’ll be starting your day off right with this delicious frittata topped with gooey melted cheese. You can use either the egg substitute as listed in the recipe or 6 whole eggs.Get the recipe!

4. Open-faced avocado sandwich

This open-faced sandwich cuts down on the carbs while still incorporating lots of healthy fats and protein to fill you up. A little fresh lemon juice and watercress really make this a refreshing and tasty lunch option. Get the recipe!

5. Cinnamon chili

Cinnamon has been shown to be effective in lowering A1C levels, so it’s a great idea to experiment with different ways to incorporate the tasty spice into your diet. Try this surprising tasty twist on chili by using cinnamon for the perfect combination of sweet and spicy in your bowl. A bonus is this dish will provide you with lots of fiber. And it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Get the recipe!

6. Fried “rice” with shrimp

If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice yet, get ready for a game changer! This fried “rice” will fast become a staple in your house. It’s easy to prepare and incredibly delectable. It’s also perfect for soaking up all the flavors of the soy, lime, and sesame. Get the recipe!

7. Thai grilled chicken drumsticks with lime and cilantro

Lean protein is a great option for keeping blood sugar stable. Don’t expect bland chicken though. The lime and cilantro flavors in this dish really pack a punch. Use fresh spices whenever possible to get the most out of this dinner. Get the recipe!

8. Skillet tortilla pizza

You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite dinner in order to lower those A1C levels. This lightened up version of pizza uses a spinach tortilla and lots of fresh vegetables to keep it healthy. Get the recipe!

9. Eggplant parmesan

This cheesy one-pot dish is something the whole family will love. You won’t even notice that the noodles are missing! Get the recipe!

10. Keto coconut macaroons

We couldn’t let this list go by without at least one dessert option for you, now could we? This keto-friendly dessert comes courtesy of Diabetic Daily and features refreshing coconut, cocoa, and all-natural honey for a touch of sweetness. Get the recipe!

Keeping your A1C levels down is important for proper diabetes management. To help lower your A1C levels, try one (or more!) of the above recipes to keep your blood sugar levels stable in the most delicious way possible.