1. You’re tired of hearing people say, “Snap out of it!” or “Pull yourself together!”


2. You don’t have the flu, so sleeping all day doesn’t make anything better.

3. If you know someone who went into a funk when their kids left the nest, you take them out to celebrate and explain that they’re missing the point!

4. Life is always changing, so you also have to. Have breakfast for dinner.

5. You learn not to pile on more layers of melancholy. They get too heavy.

6. If someone tells you to see a doctor, you do it. They’re there to help you through this.

7. You practice positive thinking and make silly faces in the mirror. Because no one will see you.

8. You take your meds and give them a chance to kick in. You try to be a patient patient.

9. You join a support group.

10. You go to a homeless shelter or a children’s hospital and give someone hope.

11. You moved to a new town, you don’t know anyone yet. So you volunteer.

12. You get a puppy.

13. Or a kitten.


14. You take art classes and hang your pictures on the fridge.

15. Abe Lincoln and Winston Churchill also suffered from depression, and they did all right.

16. You’re not the only one feeling blue, not by a long shot. You’re not alone.

17. You join a gym or take up dancing. You’ll get fitter and your confidence will skyrocket. Cha cha cha!

18. Ladies, you comb your hair and put your lipstick on. (Yes, mother.)

19. Gents, you get up off the couch and shave. (Yes, dear.)

20. If you have a pretty smile, you use it. No one can resist a friendly smile. It’ll make someone’s day.

21. If you wear a constant frown, you don’t share it with the world. The world will look the other way.

22. You try to hang around with people who ooze cheerfulness. It’s contagious.

23. You read the comics, watch old sitcoms on TV, and laugh out loud!

24. You think of something fun you’ve always wanted to do, and then do it.

25. You recall a time in your life when you were really happy, and then “visit” that time once in a while. There’s something restorative about recalling a delicious memory.

26. You bake a treat and share it with a neighbor.

27. You get a job. Even if it’s part time.

28. You go to a playground and swing as high as you can, embracing your inner child.

29. You try to take each minute, each day as it comes.