Byte aligners are a popular oral care option for adults, with a few different options available. Here’s everything you need to know about how these aligners perform and how they compare to other brands.

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Byte is an oral care platform that works across the U.S. with a network of licensed orthodontists and dentists. These professionals prescribe and direct customized, at-home treatment plans for Byte’s FDA-approved invisible aligners at less cost than traditional treatment options.

Keep reading for more on what Byte aligners are, how they work, and what they’ll cost you.

Byte offers the following aligners to improve your teeth and smile.

Byte All-Day Aligners

Byte All-Day Aligners are invisible aligners made of medical-grade polymer film that’s free of BPAs. They’re custom-made to fit and gradually shift your teeth to where they should be. Each aligner is worn for 1 week, at least 22 hours per day, before you begin the next set.

Byte All-Night Aligners

Byte All-Night Aligners straighten your teeth as you sleep. These aligners are made from a thick, medical-grade, BPA-free, grind-resistant polymer material (so, if you tend to grind your teeth in your sleep, they can help). These aligners must be worn for at least 10 consecutive hours.

HyperByte device

Included with each treatment plan is Byte’s FDA-registered HyperByte device, which helps place your aligners closer to your teeth. The gentle “massaging” HFV (high frequency vibrations) micro pulses go from tooth root to bone and is a type of vibration therapy that’s been used for years by orthodontists.

Byte pros

  • remote treatment is more convenient than in-person appointments
  • affordable payment plan options
  • shorter treatment time than competitors (4 vs. 6+ months)
  • customized treatment plans created and monitored by licensed dentists and orthodontists
  • aligners are cheaper and more comfortable than traditional braces
  • lifetime guarantee for re-evaluation if teeth become misaligned after treatment
  • vastly more effective at resisting stains than other similar products

Byte cons

  • remote treatment can be less predictable than in-person treatment
  • can’t fully treat severe teeth alignment issues like an overbite
  • more expensive than other options
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Aligners are trays or devices that slide onto your teeth and move them slowly, using light pressure going from the tooth’s roots to the jaw.

These aligners get changed regularly and worn for many hours at a time. Your jawbone reacts over time by moving the teeth sockets, and your teeth follow along. Since these shifts and changes are small and slow, aligner treatment is typically gentle and relatively comfortable.

Byte’s aligners shift and straighten your teeth and correct crowding and spacing issues. They stand out because they’re proven to be smoother and nearly 90% more stain resistant than others on the market — which is fantastic if you enjoy things like coffee or red wine.

It takes an average of about 4 months to see results, much faster than standard braces or other aligner products out there.

Aligners from Byte are easy to use from the comfort of home, without having to see an orthodontist or dentist in person.

The brand offers a lifetime guarantee, the HyperByte device, and whitening at no extra cost.

The Byte Impression Kit usually costs $95 (which is fully refundable if your practitioner deems that Byte isn’t a good fit for you) but is on sale right now for $29.95 with the promotional code BYTE23. The All Day Aligners are $1,999 or, if you’re suited to the All-Night system, it’s $2,399. Each option includes the HyperByte accelerator device along with BrightByte teeth whitener.

Through the Byte Protection Plan, which costs $749, you have the option of purchasing extra retainers for 5 years, to maintain your teeth positioning and your smile. The plan also covers any replacements for lost or stolen aligners.

To make the total cost more manageable, you can choose to make monthly payments, with a $249 down payment through the brand’s program, BytePay. The brand also offers other financing programs with no down payment required, such as Affirm and CareCredit.

If you have insurance, Byte does accept it. To make the process easier and faster, and understand exactly how much you’re covered for, it’s best to work with them directly. You simply provide your insurance information and they look into the details and handle reimbursement on your behalf.

Ordering and delivery

Getting started is easy, and Byte ships to all U.S. states. Simply order your impression kit online, follow the instructions to take your impressions, complete your account information, and upload your photos. In about 4–6 weeks, you’ll receive your aligners.

Customer reviews for Byte seem mixed overall, though the majority are quite positive.

For example, Consumer Affairs shows a 2.4/5 star rating based on 80 reviews from the past year, while the BBB gives Byte an A+ rating. Many users liked the short treatment plans, PM-only option, financing approval, and lifetime guarantee, but the fact that not everyone is eligible and costs are higher than others were downsides.

In addition, Trustpilot rates Byte 4.2/5 based on 4,701 reviews. Many reviewers loved the aligners’ effectiveness at straightening their teeth fast and comfortably. That said, people also noted Byte’s higher prices compared to competitors, and some didn’t see great results, though this is not the majority.

Here’s how Byte compares with some of its competitors.

Alignerco* more affordable option than others
* multiple payment plan options
– no insurance team (you manage reimbursement if eligible)
– longer treatment time than others
from $945
Strayt* trial whitening kit & trays help before committing to aligner treatment
* in-person scans in some areas
– credit card hold of $98 for scan appointment
– no direct insurance claims
from $1,596
SmileDirectClub* remote or in-person treatment options via large U.S. dentist network
* free whitening treatment with Night aligner option
– remote treatment can be limited or less predictable than in-person visits
– customer support can be hard to reach
from $2,050
NewSmile* discreet design with scalloped edges
* app tracks your treatment progress
– newer company, so not many reviews
– aligners can be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning
from $1,899

If you have severe dental issues, discomfort, or misalignment, it’s always best to speak with a doctor, dentist, or other health professional. As well, if during your aligner treatment you’re concerned about the results or how things are progressing, be sure to consult a professional.

How long has Byte been in business?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Byte was started in 2017 and has grown quickly since. It is now owned by Dentsply Sirona, which has operated for over 130 years and is the world’s biggest professional dental products and technologies manufacturer.

What are teeth aligners?

Aligners are devices that slide onto your teeth and slowly shift them with light pressure from the tooth’s roots to your jaw. Over time, your jawbone moves the teeth sockets and, in turn, your teeth follow.

Do dentists recommend Byte?

Your dentist may recommend byte if you have mild malocclusion or misalignment and need just small adjustments. However, if you have a more complex case, your dentist will likely suggest traditional orthodontic treatment.

Byte vs. Invisalign: Which is better?

Invisalign usually best suits people with severe or complicated alignment problems, while Byte is a great option for those with mild to moderate alignment issues.

Is Byte worth it?

While Byte comes with a higher price tag than others, users report the treatment plans and devices seem to be reliable, quick, effective, and worth it.

Overall, Byte seems like a worthwhile option if you’re looking to correct mild to moderate teeth alignment issues quickly.

Pros like the convenience of remote treatment, short treatment times, and a lifetime guarantee tend to outweigh downsides like the price tag and somewhat less predictable treatment than in-person. Users have generally had positive experiences with the bran, their treatment, and results.

Before moving forward, check with your dentist to rule out any underlying issues before treatment, such as tooth decay or infection.