If the most important woman in your life disappeared for one day, what would your world look like?

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Each and every one of us relies on women every day. They are our partners, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our caregivers, our co-workers, and our friends.

We asked our community: What would a day look like without them in your life?

"I have two sisters: one biological and one by choice. Both have supported me through cancer in their different ways. My skilled best friend re-decorated my bedroom so I would have a beautiful place to be sick. My loving sister watched my children and cleaned my house during my hospitalizations. But their real gift to me is one of acceptance. Together we can chat, laugh, cry, even share our dirt; we are able to be ourselves without artifice. Without the friendship of these two amazing women, both so different yet both so important, my life would be missing the love and enrichment that only loving women can give." — Ann Silberman, But Doctor… I Hate Pink!

"My sister, Ginny, has been someone I've looked up to my whole life. She's the first person I call with both good and bad news, although gossip demands first attention. Without her, I wouldn't have anyone to get in trouble with, my world would be less funny, and I'd have lost my best friend." – Josh Robbins, I’m Still Josh

“Without my wife, I'd be lost. She makes me feel whole, she keeps me grounded.” — Kate Mitchell, Lesbemums

“My nurse practitioner, because she knows how much I go through and calms me down when I get nervous, always saying the right thing. She helps me coordinate my many doctors’ appointments, answers emails even on a weekend when she is busy with her husband and two young sons, cares as much about my mental health as my physical health, and most of all has become a true friend.” — Ronni Gordon, Running for My Life

“That's an emotional question for me as it's one I faced a good bit this past year. My mom is the most important woman in my life and this last year we had a big scare with her as she was diagnosed with and fought cancer. So, there were many days where the thought of facing my life without her was very real. I can't imagine not being able to call her up and get her input on the things I face. She understands what I go through with my health because she faces many of the same issues. I'd be lost without her, and one day I will be lost without her.” — Julie Ryan, Counting My Spoons

"My sister and I have been through hell together. If she were gone, I would lose my biggest support and sharer in so many memories." — Kirsten Schultz, Chronic Sex

“As a patient with severe COPD, I depend largely on my wife as my carer. From organizing my medication, oxygen requirements, meals, and those day-to-day tasks I can't do by myself, she is always there to help. When traveling by aircraft, she is the one checking on my oxygen concentrator while I'm fast asleep. I have no doubt my quality of life would be much poorer without this incredible lady by my side.” — Russell Winwood, COPD Athlete

"I was diagnosed with progressive MS almost exactly one year after I married my wonderful wife, Karen. Progressive MS is an insidious disease that is best described as ‘creeping paralysis,’ which is actually an archaic name for the illness. Since the time of my diagnosis I've gone from walking to being in a wheelchair, and my wife has been by my side every step (pun intended) of the way. What would my day look like without her? Well, it would probably look like the inside of a nursing home. Karen has had to take on the responsibilities of both a wife and a caregiver, and her love and support are in large part what's kept me in the fight." — Marc Stecker, Wheelchair Kamikaze

"My mother always has my back. She is a constant rock of support and helps me navigate difficult situations with poise. Without her, I wouldn't have had the confidence to move across the country or leave my previous job and start my business." — Alex Caspero, Delish Knowledge

“The most important woman in my life is certainly my mom, who has always been there for me. These days, when my RA flares, I sometimes struggle to take care of myself — let alone my two little boys, ages 2 and 4. My mom is always willing to drop whatever she's doing and help me with my boys when I'm not feeling well. Without her, motherhood with a chronic illness would be a lot more difficult.” — Mariah Zebrowski Leach, From This Point. Forward.

Is there an important woman in your life? Tell us what you would miss about her if she disappeared for a day in the comments below!