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Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. It’s unpredictable and has many symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose, as well as treat.

An estimated 1.4 million Americans have an IBD, according to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and there’s about 30,000 new diagnoses each year. While there’s no cure, there are many treatment options, including surgery, medications, and dietary changes.

We’ve collected the best videos out there that cover every aspect of Crohn’s, so whether you’re looking for a quick primer, a success story, or thinking about treatment, you’re sure to find something here.

Living with Crohn’s Disease

Since the root causes of Crohn’s disease aren’t fully understood, it can be difficult to know what factors contribute to Crohn’s flare-ups. This short video from the Health Science Channel focuses on Ally’s experience living with Crohn’s after being diagnosed in the sixth grade. It also briefly covers what the disease is and isn’t. The biggest takeaway? Crohn’s is a chronic condition, it’s not caused by stress, and it’s not your fault.

Crohn’s 101

For a beginner’s guide to Crohn’s, this video from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation is a great primer. The video illustrates with 3D-animation models, making it easier to understand Crohn’s and what it does to the body. It covers everything from what Crohn’s is, to what to expect when getting diagnosed, and treatment options.

Crohn’s in Control: Brooke Smith’s Story

Sometimes a success story is just what the doctor ordered. This video from Stanford Health Care follows Brooke Smith’s journey after it took her three years to get a Crohn’s diagnosis. At only three minutes, this video is worth a peek for anyone who’s been told they aren’t a good candidate for surgery. The type of care Smith received from Stanford Hospital certainly changed her outlook.

Crohn’s Disease

Part of what makes diagnosing Crohn’s tricky is that symptoms can not only look or feel like other illnesses, but can also disappear and reappear seemingly at random. This report from CNN’s Jim Morelli follows Zayna Gold and how she manages her flares. It also explores some of the challenges of diagnosing and treating Crohn’s.

Following in Footsteps, Blazing a New Trail

Even though IBD affects more than 1.4 million Americans, it can still feel isolating to have Crohn’s. But Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance, Jr. hopes to dissuade those feelings. This report from NBA TV offers an inside look into Nance’s success story after being diagnosed with Crohn’s as a teenager. Nance hopes to be an inspiration to others battling Crohn’s, and is living proof that Crohn’s shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams.

Growing up with IBD

When you’re a kid, the last thing you want to worry about is a chronic disease, yet this is a reality for an estimated 140,000 people under 18 in the United States. This video is a must watch for parents with children managing Crohn’s. Filmed by the New York Presbyterian Hospital, it showcases some of the medical rock stars who are making it easier for kids with Crohn’s and IBD to reintegrate into schools, manage social situations, and get back to being kids.

Alex: Hope for Tomorrow

When your child has Crohn’s, their diagnosis becomes a family affair. This five-minute clip from Weill Cornell Medicine focuses on nine-year-old Alex Bancroft and his family as they navigate living with Crohn’s together. Alex’s father shares his experience giving his son treatment and the studies Alex participates in, in the hopes of finding a cure for Crohn’s.

On Refusing to Bleed to Death in Your Bathtub

Diagnosed when he was 15, Wes Hazard is pretty casual about Crohn’s. Well, as casual as you can be after having 36 inches of small intestine removed, multiple weeklong hospital stays, and almost dying in your bathtub. In his story, Wes humorously recounts a serious flare and how taking it not-so-seriously almost cost him his life. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

6 Food Facts for Crohn’s Disease

The connection between Crohn’s and food is critical. Not only does Crohn’s affect how nutrients are absorbed in the body, but certain foods can also trigger unwanted symptoms. Healthgrades provides this two-minute primer on Crohn’s and nutrition, including easy to digest foods, and tips for figuring out what foods work for you.

Crohn’s Disease Nursing | Crohns Symptoms, Pathophysiology, Treatment, Diet NCLEX

Want a deeper understanding of Crohn’s disease? Then check out this review. Although targeted for nursing students, Sarah from RegisteredNurseRN.com reviews what Crohn’s is, the anatomical terms for where it resides and what it affects, as well as the different types of Crohn’s, suspected causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Though she uses technical terms, Sarah’s breakdown is easy to understand and definitely informative. So if you want to know your ileocolitis from your jejunoileitis, this is the video for you.

TEDxEast — Ari Meisel Beats Crohn’s Disease

There are many treatment options for Crohn’s, ranging from surgery to medication to dietary adjustments. At the end of the day, the right treatment is the one that works for you. In this TED talk, Ari Meisel walks you through how he learned to manage his Crohn’s through diet and extreme sports — so well, in fact, that he was in remission at the time of this talk. While his approach may not work for everyone, his success story will certainly inspire you to see your body differently.

Actor Ken Baumann Living with Crohn’s Disease

Part of what makes Crohn’s challenging is that it can be incredibly difficult to talk about. Actor Ken Baumann, of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” fame, wants to change that. In this interview with Dr. Drew from HLN, Ken speaks candidly about his surgeries, fistulas, and medications. The pair even take a few calls from viewers in an effort to be open about what living with Crohn’s is really like.

10 Keys to Conquer Crohn’s & Colitis

Want to explore treatment options for Crohn’s? Then Jordan Rubin has some ideas for you. Standing in for naturopathic specialist Dr. Josh Axe, Rubin explains his struggle with Crohn’s and how he beat it with faith and a strict diet. Because Crohn’s looks different in everybody, consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new diet. Everyone’s dietary needs will vary.

The Courage to Live with Crohn’s Disease

Living with Crohn’s isn’t easy, and sometimes success doesn’t look how you expected it to. Meet 11-year-old Trinady Kufeldt in this emotional video from Children’s Hospital Colorado. Diagnosed with Crohn’s at age six, Kufeldt has undergone numerous treatments, including exploratory surgery and nutrient feeding, with mixed results. This brief clip of Kufeldt’s story reveals not only the emotional toll of Crohn’s, but also the efforts doctors make every day to find a cure.