Guys need to take care of themselves, too.

Unless you want to start looking like your dad did in his 50s while you’re still in your 30s, you need to mind your skin.

Having healthy skin doesn’t mean going to day spas, applying masks, and scrubbing your face with something your girlfriend uses. You don’t even have to have the long morning grooming routine of a Patrick Bateman. 

Keeping your skin looking young can reap some serious benefits with minimal effort.

When You’re Shopping

There are a few essential elements every guy should have in his bathroom. They’re easy to find and even easier to use.

  • Moisturizer: Your face moisturizer should not only keep your skin healthy, but it should also protect it. A face moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 can help guard against premature aging from sun exposure.
  • Soap: Those all-in-one shampoo and body soaps may seem handy, but they won’t help keep your skin healthy. Find something—bar or wash—with moisturizers built into them.
  • Face wash: The key to finding the right one is knowing your skin type. You don’t want something harsh if you have sensitive skin, but you don’t want something light if you have oily skin. When in doubt, go for something sensitive to prevent damage.
  • Razors: Stock up on extra blades. Using a dull razor can do some serious damage to your skin.
  • Shaving cream: Think moisture here, too. If you often get razor burn, use a type for sensitive skin.
  • Shaving lotion: Use a type without alcohol as alcohol robs the skin of natural moisture. Shaving is harsh enough on your skin, and you don’t want to dry it out and cause even more damage.

When You’re Showering

  • Use a moderate temperature. A steamy hot shower might feel good, but it strips your skin of moisture.
  • Use a washcloth. Rubbing yourself with a bar alone doesn’t help strip dead skin off the surface.
  • If you have a beard or mustache, make sure to get the soap all the way down to the skin’s surface. Facial hair can trap sweat, dirt, and bacteria that can cause acne and other skin problems.
  • Apply moisturizer right after you shower. Your skin will soak it up better.

When You’re Shaving

  • Shave in or immediately after the shower. The warm water softens the hair and makes it easier to slice through.
  • If you’re prone to razor burn, shave in the direction the hair grows. Going over the same area a few times is better than going against the grain and burying hairs under the surface.
  • After rinsing thoroughly with cold water, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. This will help prevent stubble and ingrown hairs.
  • After shaving, massage moisturizer or shaving lotion into the skin. The key word here is massage. The more you rub, the more will stay on throughout the day.
  • If you have a beard or mustache, make sure your moisturizer gets through the tough hairs and to the skin’s surface. Just because you can’t see the skin beneath your glorious face lawn doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some love. Moisturizer also works as a good way to keep your beard in manageable condition.

When You’re Slacking

  • If you want to tighten up your face muscles, chew gum. It’ll help keep your jaw line firm.
  • Drink water. Every part of your body needs it, especially your skin.
  • Don’t smoke. It makes your face look like a deflated football.
  • Be sun smart. Use sunscreen. Don’t forget key areas, like your nose and the tips of your ears.
  • Keep your hair off your face. Your hair is a magnet for all sorts of nasty stuff that clogs pores and causes acne.

An extra 10 minutes a day following these guidelines and you could be looking 10 years younger in no time and prevent future damage. 

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