Each year, Healthline searches for online COPD resources that share information and support for those who need it.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a series of progressive lung diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and nonreversible asthma.

Its predominant characteristic is increasing breathlessness, making day-to-day tasks difficult and daunting.

Understanding how to manage the condition — and knowing you aren’t alone — can make things easier. We hope these blogs bring you insight, perspective, and community.

Anyone looking for information about COPD or opportunities for action will find it at the COPD Foundation.

On the blog, members share personal stories about their experiences with COPD. Staff articles include tips for healthy living, medications and therapies, relevant health policies, and common questions and answers.

People newly diagnosed with COPD may find inspiration at COPD Athlete.

Russell Winwood completed his first Ironman following his diagnosis of stage 4 COPD. His blog is a powerful reminder that no one should be defined by a disease.

Readers will find stories of other respiratory heroes, tips for nutrition and staying active, current COPD news, and podcast episodes.

COPD News Today is a news and information website about the disease, making it a go-to resource for the latest studies, statistics, and product reviews.

For the most current information about anything related to COPD, you may want to start here.

Inogen, the maker of portable oxygen machines designed for those needing oxygen therapy, has a blog with some great content.

From tips on preparing for a pulmonary function test to the performance of over-the-counter canned oxygen canisters, this is information for anyone navigating COPD and considering portable oxygen use.

COPD.net aims to empower people with COPD and their loved ones with the most accurate information from trustworthy sources. Readers will find articles written by leading experts in COPD.

From tips about how to identify the toxins in your home to building the best workouts for you, COPD.net has practical information. Visitors can also join the conversation by posting about their own experiences with COPD.

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