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Hearing loss can start subtly. Maybe you find yourself struggling to follow conversations or you need to increase the TV volume more than usual. If this is the case for you, hearing aids may help if hearing has become challenging.

Hearing loss is common. It affects approximately 37.5 million adults in the United States alone. If you suspect you might have hearing loss, you may be trying to figure out your next step.

If you live in a state with a Connect Hearing center, using its services can be a good option. In this article, we review the company’s services and explore which hearing aid brands and types it offers.

Here’s a snapshot of some pros and cons of Connect Hearing.

Connect Hearing pros

  • Offers some less expensive hearing aid options.
  • Provides 3 years’ worth of free batteries with a hearing aid purchase.
  • Provides servicing for hearing aids.
  • Offers a free trial and 3-year warranty.
  • Works with some insurance plans.
  • Offers financing options.

Connect Hearing cons

  • Only carries two brands of hearing aids.
  • Doesn’t carry every type of hearing aid.
  • Doesn’t have clinics in every state.
  • You cannot request to see an audiologist.
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Connect Hearing is a national network of hearing centers. Although the network experienced several closures during 2020, it’s still located in several states, including:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Texas

The centers are staffed by hearing aid professionals who can diagnose hearing loss and create an audiogram for you. Some, but not all, of the hearing aid professionals at Connect Hearing are audiologists.

Conveniently, Connect Hearing also offers certain services via telehealth. Thus, you can connect with a hearing aid professional over the phone, through an online chat, or via Zoom video. You can also take an online hearing assessment as a first step.

Connect Hearing currently offers these two brands of hearing aids:


The Phonak hearing aids available at Connect Hearing are:

  • Lyric
  • Audeo Paradise
  • Naida Paradise
  • Virto Marvel
  • Naida Marvel
  • Audeo Marvel
  • Bolero Marvel
  • Cros B


The AudioNova hearing aids available at Connect Hearing are:

  • DS
  • T
  • Basic+

Types of hearing aids

Not all hearing aid types are available at Connect Hearing. The ones available are:

  • behind-the-ear
  • receiver-in-canal
  • Lyric, a completely invisible extended-wear hearing aid that’s inserted near the eardrum by a hearing care professional
  • in-the-ear

Other products

You can also buy batteries and hearing accessories from Connect Hearing, such as:

  • remote controls
  • rechargeable kits
  • microphone accessories
  • audio streaming supplies

Connect Hearing offers a free initial consultation and 2-week trial.

If you’re happy with the trial run, the starting price at Connect Hearing is $499 per hearing aid device. This includes:

  • ongoing servicing, including repairs
  • 3 years of free batteries unless you buy rechargeable hearing aids or Lyric
  • 3-year warranty

If your health insurance covers hearing aids, you may be able to use it at Connect Hearing. According to the company, it accepts most major insurance plans. It also offers financing and a variety of payment options.

Note that Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids.

Fist, check to see whether there’s a center near you. You can do so on the company website or by calling the Connect Hearing corporate office at 888-608-7462.

You can make an appointment with a hearing aid specialist, but you cannot request to see an audiologist.

During the free initial exam, the hearing aid professional will do a lifestyle assessment of the hearing environments you spend time in. They will also ask about activities you enjoy, such as watching television or playing sports.

These questions help them gauge which type or types of hearing aids will suit you.

If you decide to buy hearing aids, every model comes with a free 2-week trial.

Not all types of hearing loss are the same. It’s important to choose a hearing aid that suits your hearing and lifestyle.

The hearing aids available at Connect Hearing suit these types of hearing loss:

  • behind-the-ear: mild to profound hearing loss
  • in-the-ear: mild to severe hearing loss
  • receiver-in-canal: mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Lyric: mild to moderately severe hearing loss

Additional factors to consider when choosing a hearing aid include:

  • the visibility
  • whether they’re rechargeable or require disposable batteries
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • cost
  • insurance

Connect Hearing has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Customer reviews are mostly positive, although there are a few complaints on the BBB page. These complaints typically mention issues with warranties or insurance.

Customer service and the accessibility of hearing aid professionals appear to vary considerably between clinics. Particularly, California locations tend to get excellent reviews on Yelp.

On Facebook, some customers say they’re very satisfied with their hearing aids. Meanwhile, others mention trouble booking servicing appointments and phones that never get answered, particularly in some Texas locations.

Whether you’re not satisfied with the products and services offered by Connect Hearing or you’re just curious to learn more about alternatives, rest assured that there are many other hearing aid providers and brands on the market.

Finding a suitable brand and hearing care professional for you

If you’re new to hearing aids or have recently had a change in your hearing, working with an experienced hearing medical professional is important.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders recommends you start your journey with an audiologist or otolaryngologist, which is an ear, nose, and throat doctor. These professionals often work with specific hearing aid brands they recommend, know well, and can fit you for.

If you want a specific hearing aid brand, the brand website can typically direct you to a nearby provider, clinic, or audiologist.

Finding another retailer

Shopping around can help you compare the services and prices at Connect Hearing with other retailers. It also allows you to choose hearing aid brands that Connect Hearing doesn’t offer.

Here are some popular hearing aid retailers:

  • Costco Hearing Centers. You must be a member to shop here. Costco sells its own Kirkland hearing aid brand as well as other brands. Costco’s prices are typically lower than elsewhere.
  • Hear USA. This national network offers many of the same conveniences as Connect Hearing, such as a free 2-week free. Hearing aid brands you can buy here include Signia.
  • Lively. This online retailer works with you remotely, eliminating the need for in-person visits. This can be convenient if you don’t live near any other retailers.

Connect Hearing is a national network of hearing aid clinics.

You can purchase select types of hearing aids from the brands Phonak and AudioNova here. If you’re looking for other types or brands, Connect Hearing may not be right for you.

Connect Hearing doesn’t operate in every state, but you can easily check for a nearby location on its website or by calling its helpline.

Connect Hearing accepts health insurance and offers financing options, which can make your hearing aid purchase more affordable.

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