Living with one or more chronic illnesses affects so much more than just your physical health. When you live the #spoonielife, you make the most of the good days and do your best to cope with the bad ones.

Sometimes the support of a good friend or family member — or even a “fur baby” — can make all the difference in dealing with the effects your illness has on your life.

We talked to people living with chronic, invisible conditions to learn what helped to make their dark days a little brighter.

Good people. People who will listen, who offer rides… people who make me laugh or who text me out of the blue.

— Tracy M.
Buddy, my snuggle puggle. He just knows when I have a migraine and lays beside me… He knows I need the extra rest. Dogs are amazing!

— Jill H.
Playing with my beautiful kids. It can be tough being sick while parenting, but they are the reason I fight so hard to get better.

— Chantelle L.
Reciting Qur’an and prayers, along with cycling and finding comfort with my spouse.

— Saad T.
The love and patience of a good man with a caring soul. Laughter is the best medicine, and he keeps me in stitches all day long… He is my rock and the reason I drag myself out of bed every day.

— Amber H.

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