If you’re living with chronic constipation, it’s understandable if you avoid discussing it with others. Talking about bathroom-related stuff can sometimes be uncomfortable, even with your closest friends. But opening up to others about your condition may help to make you feel better. This is especially true if they’re also living with the condition and you’re able to share a laugh about what you’re going through.

Memes are a great way to boil down our shared experiences to funny little kernels of truth. Hopefully, the following six memes about constipation don’t just make you chuckle, but also remind you that when it comes to chronic constipation, you’re not alone.

For most people with chronic constipation, gritting your teeth and pretending like nothing is wrong is a part of daily life. When someone asks you how you’re doing, you can’t be sincere without giving them way too much information. Even if you want to tell them that it feels like you’ve got a football lodged in your large intestine, there are some people who won’t appreciate your honesty.

Sometimes, when friends or family members are aware of your chronic constipation, they’ll offer helpful advice without really understanding the problem. Although their heart is usually in the right place, telling you to “try to go” can be pretty frustrating. It feels like they expect you to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Yeah, thanks a lot Aunt Pauline.

One of the most awkward parts about chronic constipation can be the amount of time you spend in the bathroom while you’re trying to go. If you’re hanging out with friends or, even worse, on a date, every minute you spend in the bathroom can feel like an eternity. Remember that you don’t have to explain yourself. If someone does ask what took you so long, tell them you had to take a call (it’s OK to leave out the fact that it was nature calling).

Sometimes, the worst thing about chronic constipation isn’t the waiting, the bloating, or the cramps. It’s feeling like you still have to go even after a successful trip to the toilet. It can be hard to explain how uncomfortable this feels to someone who’s never experienced the same issue. Imagine if every time you finished a meal, it still felt like you had chunks of food lodged in your throat. Well, it’s worse than that, and also a lot less appetizing.

If you’ve got chronic constipation, you’ve probably been told many times to add more fiber to your diet. However, sometimes fiber can make things worse. That’s why you should always consult your doctor before starting any new supplements. The last thing you want is to make yourself even more backed up.

For people with chronic constipation, having a complete bowel movement is a big deal. If you’ve been waiting days or even weeks to go, it can be a transcendent experience when it finally happens. You’ll want to frolic through the nearest field singing at the top of your lungs. Or, at the very least, give yourself a pat on the back. Relief from constipation is a fantastic feeling, and even though you might not want to brag about the accomplishment (although no judgment here if you do), it’s OK to feel proud.

Even though you may feel embarrassed by your chronic constipation at times, it’s helpful to laugh about it every now and then. There are millions of other Americans going through the same thing. Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone is the best feeling in the world.