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Who is this best for?

  • if you have a limited budget
  • people who want a comfy foam bed

Who won’t love it?

  • sleepers with higher weight
  • if you want an innerspring mattress

The Element Mattress is Casper’s entry-level bed that is meant to directly compete with Tuft & Needle and Love & Sleep by Nest Bedding. There are plenty of positive and negative things to say about it, but for now, let’s start with the basics.

Like the Casper Mattress and Casper Wave Mattress, the Element will ship for free in a box to your doorstep. The box is remarkably small such that you’ll be surprised that it houses a mattress.

Once you’ve taken it out of the box and removed the plastic wrapping, the bed will inflate almost immediately. From that point, you have 100 nights to see if it’s the mattress that you were hoping for.

If it is, that’s fantastic. Keep it — it has a 10-year warranty. If you’re not sold, you can get a full refund within those initial 100 nights.

In fact, at no cost to you, Casper will dispatch a charity to your house to pick up the bed and give you all of your money back. All of these bed-in-a-box mattress companies have really compelling value propositions and make it hard to not try out their bed.

The bed is pretty simple in terms of construction, though the net result is a really nice-looking mattress. It has a carbon grey cover that looks great. The cover actually is coarser than we’ve experienced with other beds, but it’s still really nice and soft to lie on.

Under the hood, there are only three layers with the Element bed. The bottom layer is dense support foam. The middle layer is responsive memory foam. And the top layer is breathable foam that we also saw on the other two Casper beds.

The bed itself is only 8.5-inch thick, which is one of the thinner mattresses we’ve ever tested. As such, when we sat in one spot, we bottomed out the mattress and could feel the supports under the bed.

Once you lie down, the bed distributes your weight just fine, but sitting in one area causes a good amount of sinkage. To be fair to Casper, you’ll experience this with any mattress that’s thinner and softer.

Further, there’s no edge support. You’ll get that “roll off” sensation near the edges of the bed since it compresses so much. All this is to say that folks with higher weight (over 240 pounds) may not find it ideal.

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Sinkage when you sit in one spot, but just fine when you lay down

The bed feels like a cross between the original Casper Mattress and Tuft & Needle.

It’s about a 5 to 5.25 on our 10-point soft to firm scale, meaning it’s fine for side, back, and stomach sleepers as well as combo sleepers who rotate between all three positions at night.

It’s slightly firmer than the standard Casper Mattress, but it’s softer than Tuft & Needle. It’s a really comfortable mattress.

Our only real concern is that it may soften up too much for some back sleepers. Of course, that will take years to happen, but it’s definitely not getting any firmer.

As for coolness, it does have Casper’s open-cell foam to increase air flow and pull heat away from your bed. Even so, it’s more temperature neutral and won’t sleep particularly hot or cool at night.

Since this is an all-foam bed that incorporates memory foam, there’s virtually no motion transfer whatsoever. If you move around a lot in your sleep (or perhaps your partner does), the Casper Element won’t transfer that motion. It’s certainly better here than beds that incorporate springs.

Responsiveness is immediate with the bed. You will never get that “stuck in the mud” feeling, which is fantastic to know. The bed is comfortable and offers plenty of pressure relief, but you won’t ever feel like you’re trapped in it.

Pricing for the Casper Element is pretty affordable. It’s basically priced just in between Tuft & Needle and Love & Sleep.

Twin XL$445
Cal King$795

Prices valid as of September 9, 2020

As far as coupon codes, we don’t have an exclusive with Casper, though they do occasionally run specials. You can check Casper.com to see if they’re running any specials at the moment.

While there’s plenty to like with this bed, we think it’s primarily ideal for kids and people with less weight because it’s so thin. Also, given its price, it would make a great bed for your guest room or college apartment. Beyond those use cases, we’d prefer a number of other beds over this one.

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