Many people in our breast cancer community have nothing but nice things to say about the medical professionals who are guiding them through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. But some have been exposed to words and actions that were less than kind, and certainly less than professional.

If you’re a medical professional, know the power of your words. If you have cancer, know that you have the power to choose your provider. Always feel empowered to fight not just for the right tests and treatments, but for the respect and empathy that you deserve.

Here are some of the worst things the members of our Facebook community have been told at the doctor’s office:

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“One week later, we found out that it was high-grade stage 4 breast cancer.” – Kathy

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“Sell? Why would you use that word? Needless to say, that is not the doctor for me.” – Mary

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“Needless to say, I found another breast cancer surgeon who operated within the week and I am cancer-free for two years!” – Terri

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“Butchered me on my reconstruction. I had to have another surgeon correct the mess.” – Melissa

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“You would think she would be happy with some meat on my bones since I am stage 4.” – Linda

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“I told him that after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, I figured I’d paid for that sin. And stomped out. He followed me to the elevators, apologizing. What a creep.” – Shari

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“Wow.” – Sonya