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Practicing self-care is essential when you live with breast cancer. The diagnosis itself can be overwhelming. Breast cancer may also lead to feeling helpless and frustrated as the demands of treatment and various side effects impact your daily life.

While you can’t change a cancer diagnosis, you can take control of how you care for yourself. Self-care may include things like:

  • rest
  • reading
  • relaxation techniques
  • reaching out to friends and family
  • gentle exercise

With that said, self-care routines are deeply personal and often look different from one individual to the next. That’s the beauty of self-care — you get to decide what it means for your life. The key is to find out which self-care strategies work the best for you.

Want to know whether your self-care plan is as effective as it could be? Take this quick self-assessment to find out and learn about other ways to support yourself while living with breast cancer.