Leaning on loved ones during this physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding time can help you find balance between everyday life and breast cancer treatment.

It’s natural to receive a variety of offers for help after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Friends, family members, and people from your community may present open-ended gestures to be available “any time, for any reason.”

But even in the face of such generosity, it can be difficult to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes, you might not even know what type of help to ask for.

You don’t need to shoulder the burden of breast cancer treatment on your own. In addition to the demands on your body, treatment can interfere with work schedules, family life, and household tasks. It can also be a mentally and emotionally draining time.

Your loved ones are there to support you. Here’s how to ask for their help.

Breast cancer treatment can be physically and emotionally demanding. It can take over your schedule, and when you’re not actively in treatment, recovery often means feeling fatigued and not up to completing everyday tasks.

When loved ones offer help during breast cancer treatment, take it. They can provide transportation, accompany you to appointments, help out with kids’ schedules, and take on some chore responsibilities.

While breast cancer treatment is for just you, you don’t have to be alone for the journey.