About 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Treatment can be long, difficult, and there are no guarantees. For both women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and the people who love them, support is crucial.

When a tragic disease affects so many people, it creates communities bound by struggle and triumph. You see it in the pink ribbons and the fundraisers for breast cancer research. You also see it online.

We’ve assembled the best breast cancer Twitter accounts. They offer education, research updates, and an online community for anyone who cares about breast cancer and the people it affects.

Ann Silberman is living with metastatic breast cancer and has been for several years. Her blog and her Twitter account are where you can find out about the latest developments in breast cancer treatments, her personal life, and the occasional dose of humor.

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Breast cancer survivor Barbara Jacoby is the blogger behind Let Life Happen. On Twitter, she actively shares the latest in breast cancer research, advocacy, and new posts from her blog.

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BBeth Jo has been living with cancer since 2008. On Twitter, she chronicles her daily life with the disease, sharing photos of her treatments and doctors, as well as articles and breast cancer news.

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The BCA Campaign was launched by Estèe Lauder to help raise awareness for breast cancer. On Twitter, they share a mixture of breast cancer treatment and research news, fundraising announcements, and healthy diet tips.

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Breast Cancer Action is a different kind of breast cancer organization, with a focus on activism. They see breast cancer as a social justice issue and consider themselves a watchdog organization to keep other groups and policy makers accountable for the decisions they make.

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People living with breast cancer need the support of those who care, whether it’s friends, family, or medical professionals. Breast Cancer Care is an organization which provides additional support to patients in the U.K., but their Twitter handle has international impact, sharing articles and inspirational words to keep you going.

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The Breast Cancer Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people lower their risk of developing breast cancer by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals and materials. You’ll find links to important articles on their Twitter feed as well as the science to back those articles up.

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Breast Cancer Now is the U.K.’s biggest breast cancer nonprofit, with a focus on funding research for better treatments, earlier detection, and a cure for breast cancer. On Twitter, they share a ton of information, photos, and notices about upcoming events.

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Breastcancer.org is one of the most popular online sources for breast cancer information. It’s a nonprofit dedicated to sharing accurate and up-to-date information, and on Twitter, they share links to their latest contributions, including articles about breast cancer treatment, personal stories, and tips for early breast cancer detection.

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They say early detection is the key to breast cancer survival. Bright Pink is an organization devoted to prevention and early detection through education. Their tweets cover everything related breast cancer and ovarian cancer, with frequent calls to action for you to get involved.

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Keep a Breast is a unique breast cancer organization that speaks specifically to teens and 20-somethings. By informing the young, the nonprofit hopes to help promote early detection and better outcomes for people who already have breast cancer.

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In the fight against breast cancer, male victims are often overlooked. Created in association with a documentary by the same name, this account shares personal stories of men who are living with breast cancer, stories that bring the less talked about population out of the shadows.

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“Medical News Today” specializes in producing up to the minute content concerning the world of medical research and news. This Twitter handle is dedicated to sharing all that pertains to breast cancer. If you want access to the latest breast cancer research and academic studies, this is a great place to start.

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Nancy Stordahl was diagnosed with breast cancer just two years after she lost her mother to the disease. She is a writer and blogger who focuses on breast cancer survivorship. Her Twitter account isn’t only used to share her own posts, but relevant posts from around the web.

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The National Breast Cancer Foundation is all about educating the public, providing support, and promoting early detection. Their Twitter page is a great place to find what’s going on in their fundraising effort, but we especially like the personal stories of survival.

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Nic McLean is a breast cancer survivor, advocate, and the blogger behind My Fabulous Boobies. On Twitter, she shares her thoughts and experiences, with many related to breast cancer. We love the variety, personality, and passion that comes out in her tweets.

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Many women with breast cancer are forced to undergo single or double mastectomies, and Personal Ink understands the struggle with self-image issues some of them have during and after recovery. The organization connects these women with tattoo artists, and shares photos of some of the art that arises from these partnerships.

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Remember Betty is a charity started by former New Kids on the Block member Danny Wood in remembrance of his mother, Betty, who died of breast cancer in 1999. The charity now raises money to provide financial support to others with breast cancer, and shares information about upcoming fundraisers.

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Rethink Breast Cancer works to raise breast cancer awareness among young women. In an effort to increase the support and survival rates of young women with breast cancer, the organization shares educational tweets, inspirational thoughts, and personal stories of survival.

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Susan G. Komen is one of the major fundraising and advocacy groups for breast cancer. Their active Twitter handle shares the latest news in research, fundraising and awareness events, and supportive messages for people living with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is a scary diagnosis, but when you’re pregnant, the fear isn’t only for your own life. Roxanne Martinez was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer while she was pregnant, and underwent chemotherapy and a mastectomy while carrying her daughter.

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