With roughly one in eight women developing breast cancer in their lifetime, the odds are good that nearly everyone is affected by this disease in some way. Whether it’s a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one, finding answers to your questions and a supportive community of people who understand the experience can make all the difference. This year, we’re honoring breast cancer blogs that educate, inspire, and empower their readers.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This national nonprofit organization was created by and for women living with breast cancer and is committed to helping those impacted by the disease. With comprehensive information (medically reviewed) and multiple methods of support, this is a great place to find answers, insights, and experiences. On the blog, advocates and breast cancer survivors share personal stories on everything from cold caps to art therapy, while the Learn section takes you through every detail from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

I Hart Ericka

Ericka Hart is a cancer warrior, sex educator, speaker, and activist working to challenge medical racism and ingrained cultural modes and attitudes about illness. When she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, she realized that her treatment failed to address both her identity and her sex life. Now, Ericka is leading the charge in changing this for other young QTPOC (queer and trans people of color) cancer patients and survivors.

My Cancer Chic

Anna is a young breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed at just 27, she struggled to find other young women going through the same experience. Her blog became a place to share not just her cancer story, but her passion for all things style and beauty. Now, three years into remission, she continues to inspire young women through wellness, positivity, style, and self-love.

Let Life Happen

Two-time breast cancer and domestic abuse survivor Barbara Jacoby is on a patient advocacy mission, and her Let Life Happen website is a wonderful place to find inspiration through news and personal stories. Browse a great mix of breast cancer information, advocacy guidance, and tips for taking control of your patient experience, plus Barbara’s own experiences from diagnosis to remission.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Finding support for follow-up care after cancer treatment can be challenging. For Marie Ennis-O’Connor, it wasn’t until her final day of treatment that her breast cancer diagnosis and its aftermath really hit. That’s when she felt cut adrift. To help make sense of the experience of cancer, she began her blog. It was a place to discuss the post-treatment limbo she was experiencing, and today, it serves as a great resource for women who find themselves in the same spot.

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care is a community of nurses, volunteers, and people affected by breast cancer in the United Kingdom. Together, they work to ensure that everyone who is diagnosed with this disease gets the support they need and deserve. Through education and support groups, the group is making important information accessible, while also ensuring a truly vital level of emotional support.

Rethink Breast Cancer

A resource specifically for young women with breast cancer, this organization understands the multiple age-specific issues at hand. From fertility, diagnosis during pregnancy, childcare, careers, and financial security, Rethink Breast Cancer understands the complexities of cancer at this stage in life. They work to connect young women navigating the same experience and offer age-appropriate support and resources.

Breast Cancer? But Doctor… I Hate Pink!

Ann Silberman is here for anyone who needs to talk to someone with personal experience as a breast cancer patient. She’s candid about her own journey with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, from suspicion to diagnosis to treatment and beyond. In spite of it all, she’s sharing her story with humor and grace.

Nancy’s Point

Nancy Stordahl’s life has been irrevocably altered by breast cancer. In 2008, her mother died from this disease. Two years later, Nancy was diagnosed. On her blog, she writes candidly about her experiences, including loss and advocacy, and she refuses to sugarcoat her words.

MD Anderson Cancerwise

The MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Cancerwise blog is a comprehensive resource for cancer patients and survivors of all kinds. Browse first-person stories and posts from healthcare professionals, plus information about everything from treatment and survivorship to side effects, clinical trials, and cancer recurrence.


Sharsheret is a Hebrew word for chain, a powerful symbol for this organization that seeks to provide support to Jewish women and families facing breast and ovarian cancers. Fortunately, their information is available to everyone. From personal stories to an “ask the expert” series, there’s a wealth of information here that’s both inspiring and informative.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America

This organization is helping women with breast cancer by broadening the perspective to include life outside of treatment. In addition to information about navigating the breast cancer journey, the site features posts related to general wellness, fitness, style, nutrition, and inspiration.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada Blog

For expert information about the latest research, treatments, medical breakthroughs, and clinical trials, The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a great resource. On the blog, visitors can also read stories from researchers and survivors alike. The profiles of researchers fighting to find a cure are incredibly inspiring, as are the first-person narratives from the fearless women battling the disease.

Breast Cancer Now

The UK’s largest breast cancer charity believes breast cancer is at a tipping point, with higher survival rates than ever before, but more diagnoses as well. Breast Cancer Now is dedicated to funding important breast cancer research to help eliminate this disease. Readers will find medical news, fundraising activities, research, and personal stories on the blog.

Some Girls Prefer Carnations

Nicole is a microbiologist, wife, mother of two, and a survivor of inflammatory breast cancer. On her blog, she writes candidly about her aggressive treatment and recovery, and the many ups and downs of her journey. In spite of her health issues, Nicole is always looking for the silver lining and serves as a truly inspiring role model.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Dubbed The Progress Report, the blog of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a great place to stay current with the community. Latest news shared here includes science coverage and fundraising spotlights.

I’m Taking Charge

Feeling powerless is common for those diagnosed with breast cancer. This blog understands that, and is working to empower every woman to take back what cancer stole. With comprehensive information relating to breast reconstruction and advice for finding your new normal, plus survivorship stories, news, legislation, and activism, this is a wonderful resource for regaining a sense of control and comfort in your own body.

Cancer Network

The Cancer Network is a valuable resource for anyone interested in specific information about current breast cancer treatments, therapies, clinical trials, and studies. Posts are written by medical professionals, which makes this information more on the technical side.

Breast Cancer News

In addition to current news and research about breast cancer, Breast Cancer News offers columns like A Lump in the Road. Written by Nancy Brier, the column shares Nancy’s personal experience with triple negative breast cancer and chronicles the fears, issues, and challenges she’s facing.

Worldwide Breast Cancer

Worldwide Breast Cancer is a nonprofit working to change the picture of breast cancer around the world. The organization’s creative “Know Your Lemons” materials are working to overcome taboo, fear, and literacy issues, while also educating women across the globe about breast health. On the blog, readers will find personal stories, tips for effective self-exams and first mammograms, information about the organization’s breast health app, current news and advocacy efforts, and much more.

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