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Breast cancer touches nearly every one of us in some way or another. Most of us know someone, whether it’s an aunt, mother, cousin, sister, or friend, who has battled breast cancer.

About one in eight U.S. women will develop an invasive form of breast cancer in their lifetime — over 260,000 women will be diagnosed with new cases in 2018 alone. But there are also over 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States today.

If you or someone you love has a breast cancer diagnosis, connecting with people who have walked in your shoes can make a world of difference. These top breast cancer blogs create supportive communities and keep their readers informed on their experiences.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC)

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This nonprofit organization’s mission is to provide everything needed for someone impacted by breast cancer. Whether you’re looking for information, community, or support, LBBC is a hub of reliable and useful information. Their blog features posts from people with breast cancer, as well as advocates and doctors. Visit the blog.

Chemobrain… in the Fog

AnneMarie Ciccarella shares the ins and outs of her experience going through several rounds of chemotherapy in her blog. She focuses a lot on “chemo brain,” or the brain fogginess that’s a side effect of chemotherapy. If you’re concerned about how treatment can affect your memory and ability to think, AnneMarie is here to help. She discusses the pros and cons of certain medications, highlights advocates in the field of health and breast cancer, and shares snippets of her personal life. Visit the blog.

Nancy’s Point

Nancy Stordahl authored the book "Cancer Was Not a Gift and It Didn’t Make Me a Better Person.” Like her book, her blog discusses topics pertaining to her breast cancer diagnosis and recovery. She also reflects on the experience of witnessing her mother pass away from the same disease. You’ll find it easy to relate to her emotions along with her journey. Visit the blog.

Accidental Amazon

Legend says that in ancient Greece, female warriors had one breast. This story became Kathi Kolb’s inspiration for her blog after she survived breast cancer. Kolb doesn’t hold back as she details her thoughts on death, politics, and cancer. Not only will her raw and real voice inspire you, but you’ll also feel as if you have a friend who truly understands how you’re feeling. Visit the blog.

Let Life Happen

Leave it to an award-winning blogger to pin down exactly how you may be feeling today. Barbara Jacoby is a been-there, done-that survivor who writes candidly about all aspects of being diagnosed with breast cancer. If you need to catch up on the latest medical research or the politics of drug research and treatment, Let Life Happen is a wonderful resource. Visit the blog.

My Fabulous Boobies

Nicole McLean is a breast cancer survivor who chooses to focus on the positive sides of life. Her upbeat tone is a delight to read as she covers topics from breast cancer self-exams to Beyoncé. Readers are likely to appreciate the way she writes as a friend, as she journals her path toward survivorship. Visit the blog.

Not Just About Cancer

From photos of treatment to updates on her condition, Laurie Kingston didn’t hold back. Her observations on life, which were definitely not just about cancer, make her blog a standout read. Laurie passed away in January 2018, but through her blog her chronicles and presence, advocacy and strength, live on. Visit the blog.

Deb’s Breast Cancer Journey

Engaging and full of positive energy, Debbie Emery shares her one-of-a-kind journey. Her story begins with a breast cancer diagnosis that became congestive heart failure and, more recently, metastasized breast cancer. Her no-frills posts about what happens during doctor’s visits, treatments, procedures, and everyday life are refreshing. Visit the blog.

The Perks of Having Cancer!

Some days all you have to make your day is your attitude. This is something Florence discovered as she started her blog about surviving cancer. It began as a self-project that’s grown to educate and inspire readers through a positivity lens. Florence even penned the book, "100 Perks of Having Cancer: Plus 100 Healthy Tips for Surviving It.” She continues her story and findings on her blog. Visit the blog.

Joan Lunden

You may have heard about journalist and writer Joan Lunden’s battle with breast cancer on national television. Now, she’s using her voice as a platform to inspire people with breast cancer and their loved ones. Not only does her blog cover topics you may not think about, like parenting tips and social anxiety, but the blog also reports on the latest medical studies and clinical trials. Visit the blog.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Marie Ennis-O’Connor takes a creative approach to inspiring others. With posts like Mindful Mondays and Poetry Fridays, her blog creates a sense of community and beauty in what can be a traumatic time. One of the greatest highlights of this blog is the weekly roundup of moving and thought-provoking stories. Visit the blog.

Breastcancer.org’s Blog

Looking for news about cancer breakthroughs and clinical trials? This nonprofit’s blog is here to inform you about the latest and most realizable information. Their blog also goes beyond medical insights and shares stories about the emotional journey of breast cancer, caregiving, and survivorship. Visit the blog.


The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas runs this inspirational blog. Read stories that highlight people who have survived various types of cancer. The blog also includes the latest news on cancer research, political topics, and clinical trials. People with cancer and their families will appreciate insights into treatment options as well as details on side effects. Visit the blog.

Detrice Matthews

Detrice Matthews was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30s. For anyone looking for detailed information, Matthews’ blog provides insights into living with cancer and for those seeking treatment, it will certainly hit the spot. Her goal is to give real experiences, so you feel like you have a friend who’ll walk this journey with you. Visit the blog.

Young Survival Coalition Blog

Breast cancer is often thought to be an illness that affects older adults — but what about people who were diagnosed at an earlier age? The Young Survival Coalition focuses on bringing young people with breast cancer together and forming a strong community. On the blog, you can find personal stories from volunteers and survivors, as well as information on a variety of topics that affect young women. Visit the blog.

Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog

Caroline has had cancer twice, along with her other health ailments. Still, that hasn’t stopped her from writing frankly about her life. Her straightforward posts are relatable for anyone going through a similar journey. Any thoughts you may have had about treatment decisions, medications, or being a “normal” person, Caroline has been there, too. Visit the blog.

Breast Cancer? But Doctor… I Hate Pink!

Ann shares some very personal insights into her life with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She blogs about seeking treatment and her efforts to connect with other people going through the same journey. Read how she tackles everything, from intense topics, such as losing friends with the same disease, to more day-to-day thoughts on products, books, and food. Visit the blog.

Rethink Breast Cancer

Rethink Breast Cancer aims to empower young people who develop or are affected by breast cancer. Their blog focuses on rebuilding your confidence and identity and explores topics such as fertility, dating, sex, and marriage. Many contributors also detail their ups and downs of living with breast cancer, reminding you that you’re not alone on this journey. Visit the blog.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America Blog

For anyone who doesn’t want to be defined by their condition, this blog is for you. It offers a no-nonsense take on living with breast cancer by approaching life as it is. Not only will you find posts about survivorship and treatment, but you’ll also find real-life stories about stepping out of your comfort zone and tips on moving in together with your partner. Visit the blog.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada Blog

Want to read a blog that focuses on research, treatment options, breast cancer breakthroughs, clinical trials, and more? The Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s blog is a good place to turn to when you want to understand your condition without having to reference a medical dictionary. Many of the writers are doctors and scientists who specialize in breast cancer research. Visit the blog.


Using the Hebrew word for ‘chain,’ Sharsheret is the only national organization that supports Jewish women and families who are facing ovarian and breast cancers. Their posts aren’t just for those who follow the Jewish faith and traditions, however. You can find varied information, from skin changes in breast cancer to finding support in a dark place. No matter your background, Sharsheret is a wonderful hub that integrates stories from people who’ve been there, as well as advocates and survivors. Visit the blog.

Beauty Through the Beast

Breast cancer can take so much of what makes a woman feel like herself. This blog is dedicated to one woman’s journey to reclaim feeling beautiful. Chiara is a triple negative breast cancer survivor and she shares her quest to truly live — not just get through life — as a model, speaker, writer, consultant, and activist with breast cancer. Her blog is a dazzling breath of fresh air. Visit the blog.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF)

The DSLRF doesn’t believe in any type of divide between patients, the public, and the medical community that treats breast cancer. Instead, they believe we’re all one and should all be united in the fight against breast cancer. Their blog keeps you up to date with ongoing breast cancer studies that patients can join, research and medical news that’s easy to understand, and encouragement to get involved through fun community events. Visit the blog.

Breast Cancer Now

This organization is a charity dedicated to funding research that makes a difference right now. Breast Cancer Now believes the world is at a tipping point with major strides to reduce breast cancer rates and deaths. Their blog is full of health information and guest stories that remind us that the time for fighting breast cancer is now. Visit the blog.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

In case it wasn’t clear by now, research is one of the most important tactics against breast cancer and getting money where it needs to go is a strategy to make that research happen. BCRF studies all of the complex factors of breast cancer, from tumors and lifestyle to genetics. And BCRF is unique because it’s also funding research for what it means to live through and after breast cancer. You can join your voice as a survivor or learn more about what to expect living with and after breast cancer. Visit the blog.

The Male Breast Cancer Blog

Breast cancer doesn’t just happen to women. His Breast Cancer Awareness was founded by a BRCA2-positive brother and sister. They’ve also had many family members affected by the disease. Their blog helps shine a light on the stigma surrounding treatment, survivorship, and the emotional aspects of dealing with breast cancer as a man. Visit the blog.

Some Girls Prefer Carnations

Heather, the woman behind this blog, is a microbiologist who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2010. That was four days before her 30th birthday. She went through excruciating treatment, and eventually a double mastectomy in 2014. A wife and a mom of two, she shares her journey and recovery, and is incredibly honest about her ups and downs. One recent gem? “Rarely are both brain and body feeling powerful at the same time.” Visit the blog.

I’m Taking Charge

Cancer can leave you feeling powerless. This blog aims to help breast cancer survivors and patients take charge and regain control in small ways that are important to them. You’ll find information, videos, resources, and podcasts on everything from breast cancer basics to survivor stories, to the ins and outs of breast reconstruction. Visit the blog.

Chaunie Brusie, BSN is a registered nurse in labor and delivery, critical care, and long-term care nursing. She lives in Michigan with her husband and four young children, and she’s the author of "Tiny Blue Lines."