Because representation matters.

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Illustration by Wenzdai Figueroa

Women of Color have long been treated as outliers in the breast cancer community. Whether it’s in educational materials or research studies, the lack of representation can feel isolating for women with new diagnoses who are seeking answers.

For the Breast of Us, an organization dedicated to empowering Women of Color affected by breast cancer, is on a mission to change that. Since 2019, the organization has brought thousands of women together through social media programming, resource sharing, advocacy work, and more.

Now, through a partnership with BC Healthline, these connections can flourish in a safe and moderated space that’s exclusively for Women of Color affected by breast cancer. 

“When you come into a place and connect with women who look like you and can relate to your experiences, it gives you hope,” says Jasmine Thomas, co-founder of For the Breast of Us. “We want women to live longer lives and their best lives — and that starts with hope.”

BC Healthline is a free, online peer-support community where women can share stories on topics ranging from body image and breast reconstruction to sex and relationships to treatments and side effects. 

With the new For the Breast of Us group, Women of Color will have the opportunity to connect with leaders and ambassadors from the organization. Most importantly, they will have a safe online platform to learn from others who understand firsthand what they are going through.

In addition to a dedicated group, the BC Healthline and For the Breast of Us partnership will feature weekly live chats and stories of advocacy, resiliency, and hope from the community. 

“Having another platform where Women of Color can connect is a powerful tool and one that we wish we had when we were diagnosed with breast cancer,” says Marissa Thomas, co-founder of For the Breast of Us. “We’re thankful that Healthline is giving For the Breast of Us this opportunity to not only reach more Women of Color, but to have a safe space to share our stories.”

If you’re a Woman of Color living with breast cancer, you can join in by downloading the BC Healthline app, navigating to the For the Breast of Us group, and introducing yourself.

We can’t wait to meet you there!