Questions for Your Doctor

Medically reviewed by Jennifer Monti, MDWritten by Anthony Watt on September 24, 2010

While your doctor or specialist will determine the full course of your treatment, asking questions is vital to make sure all avenues are explored. Here are some questions you can ask your doctors during your treatment for bone metastases:

  • What are my options for alleviating bone pain?
  • How can I lessen the possibility of broken bones?
  • What should I do if one breaks?
  • What are the recommended treatments for bone metastases?
  • What are the potential side effects of that treatment?
  • Is there a way to lessen the possibility of those side effects?
  • Through these treatments are you going to attempt a cure, lengthen my life or ease my symptoms?
  • How extensive are the bone metastases that I have?
  • How will they affect my daily routines?
  • How will this new treatment regimen be combined with the treatment of my primary cancer?
  • Are there clinical trials I can participate in?
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