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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have video tours about the product?
A: Yes. Tap on the question mark symbol in the navigation menu to find and view our product tour videos.
Q: Why did Healthline launch BodyMaps?
A: Healthline launched BodyMaps for iPad to demonstrate the power of Retina Display for anatomical reference materials. With consumer-friendly videos and online content, BodyMaps for iPad is an invaluable resources for students, healthcare professionals, and the public at large.
Q: How do I zoom/enlarge the view of what I'm seeing?
A: Pinch and zoom on any image to get an enlarged view.
Q: Can I stop the rotation function on the app? (Why did my rotation turn off?)
A: In the upper right-hand corner of every page, there are two arrows pointing in the circle. Tap on these arrows and an 'X' will appear, indicating the rotation has been shut off. Tap on this icon again to turn the rotation back on.
Q: How do I quickly move from one layer of an image to another layer of the same body part?
A: The easiest way to move from layer to layer is to use the small, text-based buttons found at the left and right sides of each body image. Tap on these buttons to seamlessly switch between layers.
Q: Why is Healthline BodyMaps valuable to the average person (i.e. someone who is not a doctor)?
A: By understanding your body better, you can make the most of your conversations with doctors and clinicians. BodyMaps can help you make better, more confident decisions about your health.
Q: How might I use BodyMaps?
A: While researching a health condition on Healthline.com, tap on "BodyMaps" to get a closer look at the area affected by that health condition. BodyMaps is an especially helpful resource for digestive health, reproductive health, and sprains and fractures to muscles and bones.
Q: How do I find the specific area of the body that I'm looking for?
A: There are two easy options: search and browse. If you know what you are looking for, enter the term into the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the app. You might need to try different wording if you don't see the object at first. You can also browse your way to the area of interest from the homepage. Use the anatomy menu on the left (in landscape mode) to find the section of the body you want to look at. You can then drill down through layers (on the left and right of images) until you find what you want. You can also rotate the main body image and tap on the area of interest.
Q: How do I learn about a specific anatomical part?
A: Tap on it once and a summary description will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the image. Tap on "Read More" to view a full article on the same topic. Tapping the "Explore" button that appears in the description summary will bring you to an alternate view of the same body part.