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If you live with bipolar disorder, or love someone that does, you’re not alone. This mental illness affects about 4.4 percent of U.S. adults at some point in their lives. Over 80 percent of these cases are considered severe.

Learning more about this condition and understanding how it affects others can be both enlightening and inspiring. And if you live with the disorder, finding a community to share information, tips, and resources can be invaluable. So we’ve collected a list of helpful blogs that can get you started.

Bipolar Beat by Psych Central


Bipolar Beat is written collaboratively by Candida Fink, a psychiatrist who specializes in children and adolescents, and freelance author Joe Kraynak whose wife lives with bipolar disorder. Both contributors bring a unique perspective. From Fink, readers can expect advice on issues like sleep and parenting. She also facilitates discussions about the roles of medication and treatment options. Kraynak’s posts focus on his wife’s experiences in various situations and occasional interviews with bipolar experts. Visit the blog.


This award-winning blog is a powerful collection of posts written by bloggers from around the globe. Each shares their own experiences and perspectives from living with bipolar disorder. Topics include relationships, parenting, symptoms, treatments, and more. It’s a great place to find information, guidance, and inspiration. Visit the blog.

Suddenly Bipolar

Imagine living with bipolar disorder for roughly 25 years, but not knowing it. That was Deborah’s experience. She shares this story, and many others, on her blog. She writes about hospital stays, traveling, and the portrayal of mental illness in media and entertainment. She does it all in a relatable, humorous, and engaging way. Visit the blog.

The Bipolar Blogger Network

The Bipolar Blogger Network is a community of people living with bipolar disorder, where everyone is able to share their personal experiences. The blog exists to connect people looking to read and write about bipolar disorder. A useful list of titles and links take visitors to a curated selection of blogs that have met rigorous standards for inclusion. This is a great place to find many different perspectives on bipolar disorder. Visit the blog.

Bipolar Mom Life

Living with bipolar disorder can be challenging for anyone, but those challenges can increase when you become a parent. Jennifer Marshall, mental wellness speaker, writes about her experiences with both, sharing her perspective on healthy habits and parenting moments. Jennifer has also founded a nonprofit called This Is My Brave as a platform for encouraging people to share their stories about living with a mental illness. Visit the blog.

Pax Nortona

Looking for an honest, witty take on life with bipolar disorder? Visit this blog, the brainchild of anthropologist Joel Gazis-Sax. Posts include everything from mental health issues to global affairs. There are also personal tales about living, working, and traveling with bipolar disorder. The blog also features posts from other writers. There’s even poetry featured occasionally. Visit the blog.

International Bipolar Foundation’s Blog

The International Bipolar Foundation has created a valuable resource for people living with bipolar disorder. Not only will visitors find a variety of posts neatly categorized by topic, there’s also a forum where people can share their own stories. Visit the blog.


Dave Wise writes honestly and frankly about his life as a husband, father, and man with bipolar disorder. He shares his perspective on mental illness, personal losses and setbacks, suicide attempts, and the role his faith has played through it all. Guest posts by mental health advocates are also featured. As a whole, Dave’s blog serves as a place of inspiration for anyone living with bipolar disorder. Visit the blog.


Charlotte Walker has been living with bipolar disorder for more than 25 years. She launched her blog in 2011 after a relapse. While newer posts are few and far between, this blog remains a valuable place for visitors to read about Charlotte’s personal experiences. You’ll find perspective on the stigma and misinformation sometimes associated with bipolar. Visit the blog.

Life Unlimited by DBSA

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is a peer-run organization for those living with mood disorders. Readers will find a variety of information and resources on bipolar disorder and depression. There’s also an inspiration section featuring personal stories. Visit the blog.

Jigsaw Parenting

Emma White, mom of six, launched her blog in a bid to fight back against the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. It’s become a spot for honesty, advice, guidance, and support for other parents living with mental illness. Readers will find a wide variety of parenting and mental health topics, including those submitted by featured guest writers. Visit the blog.

Bipolar Bandit

Michelle Clark began sharing her stories in 2011. Her blog chronicles her experience living with depression since age 13 until she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years later. She writes about what it was like to give up her teaching career and features guest posts from others living with different mental illnesses. Visit the blog.

Black Dog Institute

Australia’s Black Dog Institute is a research organization working to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. Its blog features useful posts like current research and studies relating to mental illness, strategies and techniques for managing symptoms, advocacy and fundraising, and much more. Visit the blog.

New Life Outlook

New Life Outlook is the place to find bipolar disorder-specific information and a supportive community. Posts include first-person accounts of living with mental illness, tips for managing symptoms, discussions of treatment options, current research, and more. The site’s community section is also a great place to connect with others. Visit the blog.

Life Conquering Blog

This mental health blog has two important missions: to encourage people living with bipolar disorder, and to dismantle common stigmas associated with it. Maintained and written by Amy Romine, who lives with Bipolar I disorder, Life Conquering covers an extensive variety of topics. You’ll also find a mix of videos, links, and resources. Visit the blog.